Sherpur Residents apprehend Juboleague leader(ruling party Awmi league youth section) attacking Shahid Minaar


Shafiqur Rahman Shafique from Sherpur (Bogra); Local residents today apprehended a Juboleague [youth branch of the ruling Awamileague] leader when he led a group of Juboleague members to ransack the Shaheed Minaar located at Shahidia Alia Madrasah. His name is Tobibur Rahman Tipu. He is a joint-convenor in the local Juboleague committee. The local ruling party MP, Habibur Rahman, has condemned the attack. He has said that anyone involved with this incident should be punished.

On Tuesday at around 3pm, a group of about 10-12 members of the local Juboleague committee (youth wing of ruling Awami league party in govt) led by Tipu attacked on the Shaheed Minaar within Shahidia Alia Madrasah. As they started ransacking the newly built centre-pillar of the Shaheed Minaar, some local residents chased them away. During this, a joint convenor of the Juboleague city branch , Tobibur Rahman Tipu was apprehended and handed over to the police. The ex-mayor of Sherpur and an adviser of BNP Bogra branch has said that the general strike was observed very peacefully, we we avoided any clashes during the strike, but the local Juboleague members attacked on the Shaheed Minaar in broad daylight. We condemn this and want justice. The ruling party MP for Bogra-5 and the chairman of the Shahidia Madrasah governing committee, Mr Habibur Rahman, has confirmed that the attack did take place but said that this was a careful plan [by the opposition party], but whoever was involved must be punished. He has strongly condemned the incident.

Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page