Sedition case filed against BUET professor who was beaten by Chhatra League

BUET professor-jahangir-alam

A sedition case has been filed against the BUET teacher who was earlier a victim to beating by pro-ruling party Chhatra League cadres, who dragged from his own room in the academic building of the university by the collar and confined him to the cafeteria, where he was subject to vicious beating.

The sedition case was filed against him on Thursday in the aftermath of the attack incident which occurred last Sunday,. However, the university has not filed any case or taken any academic steps against the attacking Chhatra League men since the attack.

The name of the ill-fated teacher is Professor M. Jahangir Alam. He is one of the professors of the Department of Civil Engineering at BUET.

On Thursday, the complainant,Siam Hossain, leader of BUET Chhatra League, filed an accusation case against Professor Jahangir in the court of the chief magistrate of Dhaka city.

Shuvro Jyoti Thikadar and Abu Sayeed, the President and the General Secretary of BUET Chhatra League respectively, were also present at the courtroom of the city magistrate . The two were earlier reported to have led the attack against the teacher,.

Shahriar Mahmud Adnan, the city magistrate, recieved the statement of the ChhatraLeague leader Siam.

The court, with the approval of the state ministry, ordered the OC of Shahbag Police Station to receive the complaint as a deposition and carry out the required investigation..

The order of the court stated that, “On April 11 of the current year, Professor Jahangir Alam made a sensitive comment amounting to sedition in criticizing the execution of Jamaat Leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman along with another provocative statement against a certain religious community on the social networking site Facebook. In the case against him, a complaint aligned with the acts 124-A & 295-A of the penal procedures has been issued against Jahangir Alam. There is a rule to get approval from the State ministry prior to filing the case. The responsible officer at Shahbag Police Station is been ordered to investigate after receiving approval from the appropriate authority for filing the complaint.”

The defence team was led by Jakir Hosain and Golam Rabbani. During the court proceedings, both the president and the General Secretary of the newly formed committee of BUET Chhatra League were also present at court.

On the night of April 11, the death sentence of Muhammad Kamaruzzaman, the senior assistant secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islam, was carried out by in draconian style through hanging by rope at Dhaka Central Jail.

Before the execution was conducted, the Human Rights commission of the United Nations, in a formal briefing, addressed the procedures of the trial of Kamaruzzaman as being unethical and flawed.

The commission had also stated that the appellate division had also rejected the review application and upheld the death sentence without considering its merits. They had also warned that the execution of the death penalty of Kamaruzzaman would be a violation of the right to life.

Besides the UN, other international bodies like the European Union, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International had also strongly criticized the execution of Kamaruzzaman.

BUET Professor Jahangir, in his comment on facebook, was reported to have stated the above by saying that he saw an absence of fairness (injustice) in the hanging of Kamaruzzaman.

In a reaction to this facebook comment, which had been posted in a BUET centric facebook group, Professor Jahangir Alam was brutally dragged from his own office in the university and taken to the cafeteria at around 1:30 PM on April 12, where he was assaulted by Chhatra League men who attacked him with slaps, kicks and punches, while continuously hurling abusive words and using abusive language.

Later, he was taken to the office room of Professor Khaleda Ikram, the Vice Chancellor of BUET. Though the attackers, the leaders of the  Chhatra League, were present in her office at the time, she took no action against them.

On the other hand, the BUET Teachers Association declared a break from work in protest against the incident in a move which is likely to extend till April 19.

The beating up a teacher was condemned by all teachers irrespective of their political affiliations. It was also condemned by the general students, with the exception to a few Chhatra League men.

Condemned for their cowardly attack, the attackers filed a sedition case against the teacher in question in order to save themselves. There is doubt, however, whether the State Ministry, would approve a sedition case filed by some wayward Chhatra League men over such a silly incident.

To be noted, according to the government statement, on April 11 at 10:30 PM at night, Kamaruzzaman’s death sentence was conducted.

However, 5 minutes before the execution, at 10:25 PM, a BUET student named Dipu Sarkar posted in a group named “BUET e Aripete Shona” (“Overheard at BUET”) that “Kamaruzzaman’s hanging has been conducted”.

A person named Chandra Nath, while commenting on the post, said “Joy Bangla”. Criticizing such a comment, Professor jahangir Alam commented several times in a similar fashion, “The Joy Bangla slogan represents only one party”, “say Joy Bangladesh. It’ll be non-political. Joy Bangla depicts 2 countries at a time.”

In reply to a comment of Chandra Nath, Professor Jahangir at first commented “Joy Maa Kali, Joy India”, but he later edited it and commented “Joy India, Joy Muscle Power, Joy Nasty Politics, Joy Injustice.”

In his comment, Professor Jahangir Alam addressed the Chhatra League men as “day by day becoming worse than the ‘Razakars’” and stated that “Trial in absence of justice can never bring good.”

These are the comments over which Professor Jahangir was beaten on the very next day. And despite beating being a criminal offence, the BUET administration did not take any legal steps in this regard.

And neither has the court stated in the order of the sedition case that amid the acceptance of this case, subject to the approval of the State Ministry, the due trial against the incident of beating up a teacher has been annulled.

Source: Online Bangla