Ruling party men attack funeral procession of Jamaat leader; 2 injured, 2 funeral attendees arrested

funeral procession of Jamaat leader attacked

Jubo League men attacked attendees at the funeral procession of Jamaat-e-Islami Dhaka city leader Harun-ar-Rasheed held on Tuesday in the capital Dhaka. The attack caused angry worshippers, who had come to attend the funeral, to retaliate and attack the Jubo League men. In the aftermath of the resultant clashes, police arrested two funeral attendees.

The incident happened at 5 pm in the evening at Shahjadpur area in Badda in the capital.

It was known from news sources that a group led by Juboleague leader Babul attacked the funeral procession of the ex-Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Shahjadpur branch in Badda, Harun-ar-Rasheed, before the onset of funeral prayers. Jamaat leaders said that after the attack and subsequent altercation, the Juboleague attackers nabbed two of the funeral attendees and handed them over to the police. Furthermore, according to onlookers, they severely beat one of the funeral attendees.

Attendees further informed that Harun-ar-Rasheedhad been unable to reside in his house for the past several years due to severe harassment by local Awami League leaders and members. He was unable to come back to his residence even after becoming severely ill due to fears of undue harassment by the police. He passed away on Tuesday, after deterioration of his health, at a hospital in the capital city Dhaka, after which his body was sent to his home at Badda for funeral prayers. However, Jubo league cadres, resisting the move, attacked general funeral attendees, nabbing two people and handing them over to the police. Fellow funeral attendees protested the Jubo league attacks, demanding the immediate release of the two arrested.

Source: Sheershanews