President is no one to give life clemency


Hasan Iqbal, son of death row war crime convict Jamaat leader Kamruzzaman, claimed that government is staging drama as they are taking preparation for the execution but delaying it again and again.

On Saturday he said this to the journalist while leaving the central jail after meeting his father for the last time.
When journalist asked about Kamruzzaman’s seeking mercy petition to president he stated, ‘How come President can give life clemency? We will ask Allah (S.W.T.) for mercy. Why should we ask for it to the non-believers (Munafiqh)?’

He alleged that government is wasting time by not executing the death sentence to gain political benefit. Beside this, even though the two magistrates went to prison on Friday but they didn’t meet his father and there was no conversation with him about the matter. He accused that government is propagating false news.
While asked about his father’s condition, he said, ‘we bid him goodbye smilingly. He is confident. He is well and fit. He is not at all worried.’

While asked about Kamruzzaman’s last wish, Hasan Iqbal said, ‘He said I wanted to establish Islamic rule in Bangladesh. Now the young generation will lead the movement. They will give answer to all injustice. Father has advised us to lead our life through honesty.