Khaleda asks people to form action committees

khaleda zia

Staff Correspondent

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson, Khaleda Zia, on Monday instructed the leaders and workers of BNP-led alliance to form action committees in all neighborhoods across the country ‘to resist state terrorism.’
BNP joint secretary general Salah Uddin Ahmed in a statement said that Khaleda Zia gave the instruction as the ruling Awami League was conspiring to cling to the state power using the police force.
He said, ‘The fall of the illegal government is inevitable in the face of spontaneous resistance from the people.’
The statement read, ‘State organs — the judiciary, the legislature and the executive — are no more separate entities in Bangladesh as all those have now been kept under the executive.’
Salah Uddin said, ‘When the republican character of a state is destroyed, it puts the sovereignty and independence of the state at stake. So, the nation and the country must be freed from such situation through united resistance by the independence-loving democratic people.’
The BNP leader claimed that the ongoing ‘mass movement’ was not for anyone to go to state power. ‘The democratic character of the state must be restored to the hands of our next generation,’ he said.
He also alleged that the ruling Awami League had turned the constitution into a tool for establishing a fascist and one-party system through the 15th amendment to it.
‘The 16th amendment to the constitution has made the judiciary indirectly subordinate to the executive as well as to the majority party in parliament,’ he added.