Justice Shamsuddin Manik assaulted in London; expresses resentment

Shamsuddin Manik judge

In an interview with Sheershanews, recently retired Supreme Court appeal division judge Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik expressed his resentment while revealing details about being recently assaulted at London.

He stated, “I have been assaulted in London for stating that there was no proof that Ziaur Rahman had participated in the Liberation War.”

The names and identities of the 4 assaulters on the retired judge have being ascertained, he stated. He claimed that they were members of BNP and its affiliate organizations. In a telephone interview from London, he claimed further that,”Jamaat-Shibir are also involved in this attack”.

It was known that the recently retired Supreme Court judge was assaulted after visiting celebrations of Durga Puja at Benthal Green York Hall at London as he was about to board his car after attendance of the event. The assaulters physically attacked him by kicking and punching him. He was accompanied at the time by his daughter. On the same day, he returned to Dhaka from London.

While describing the assault on him, Manik said, “The assaulters also tried to carry me away in another vehicle. But my daughter’s protests and the role played by the people from the Puja Committee prevented them from doing so.”

He further informed that police arrived soon after the incident and were investigating the attack.

He claimed that the assault upon him was pre-planned and that BNP and Jamaat-Shibir were involved in the attack upon him. He said that earlier had fears that he may be attacked, but did not anticipate that he would be attacked in this fashion in London the day he would arrive.

It is mentionable that Shamsuddin Manik was controversial during his tenure as a Supreme Court judge due to being closely associated with the Awami League and his involvement with the notorious Skype controversy in 2012 in the war crimes trials in Bangladesh, which revealed the collusion of tribunal judges with external persons in formulating verdicts.

Source: Sheershanews