High Court issues ruling over missing Shibir Rajshahi Secretary, Masum


The High Court has issued a ruling to investigate why Shibir Secretary of Rajshahi Metropolitan Unit, Anwarul Islam Masum, is not allowed to be presented in court.
High Court judges Mirza Hossain Haider and Khurshid Alam have issued the order on Monday at the end of the initial hearing following a writ appeal by Masum’s mother.
Secretary of Home Affairs, police IG, RAB DG and 10 other people are required to respond to the ruling within 3 weeks.
Masum’s mother, Nurjahan Begum, had filed a writ appeal after her son went missing. Advocate Tajul Islam was handling the appeal on her behalf.
According to Tajul Islam, Anwarul Islam was a Maths student of Rajshahi University and Shibir’s Office Secretary of Rajshahi Metropolitan Unit. He was arrested from a house in Rajshahi the night of April 4 around 2:30 by 40-50 RAB and police officers.
Police and RAB have later denied arresting him when Masum’s family attempted to inquire about him at the Rajshahi RAB office and several police stations across the city. His mother then filed the writ appeal after police IG and higher RAB officials also ignored her pleas.

Source: NewsEvent24