Hefazat’s Babunagari in Intensive Care Life-Support Following Remand


Secretary General of Hefazat-e-Islam and respected Islamic scholar, Mawlana Junaid Babunagari, is in critical condition following prolonged remand in police custody. He is being kept in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and on a Life Support Machine in Dhaka’s Bardem Hospital.

A reliable source has informed that he was taken in to ICU on Tuesday when his situation deteriorated following an operation on his leg. He had been admitted to Bardem Hospital from Prison last Saturday. He was taken for treatment as his leg was rotting after it had developed a gangrene infection. Mawlana Babunagari suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. After his admission, five consultants sat for a board meeting to discuss his condition. The final decision was to operate on his leg after his condition became fatal in the space of a few days. The operation was carried out on Monday. However towards the afternoon when his kidney failed he was put on a kidney dialysis machine.

Police and a reliable source from the Hospital has informed that Babunagari was wounded and bruised with black marks stretching from his waist down to his legs. Severe and callous torture was inflicted on him during Remand. Hefazat leaders have claimed that severe torture in Remand has led to the life and death situation of Babunagari.

After he was admitted to hospital, doctors observed countless wound marks that were visible from his waist downwards and other parts of the body. His blood sugar level was 27. Apart from that he was suffering from other illnesses. A medical board was set up to discuss how to treat him using the latest technology. He is currently being treated under the boards close supervision. There is an urgent need for the swollen area on his left leg to be operated on; the operation is intended to be conducted within two days.

After his admission in to Bardem Hospital, law enforcement agencies deployed many of its members to guard the room where he was being kept. Police force was also keeping a close eye on who was entering and leaving the room. For special security two close CCTV cameras were placed in front of his room number 601 last Sunday.

Director of Bardem Hospital Brigadier General (Retired) Shahidul Haque Mollik told us that to discuss the latest treatment facilities for Babunagari a board was set up last Sunday. The retired Brigadier said after placing CCTV cameras in front of his room even the hospital staff were told to be wary when they move about. Currently, apart from the police or specific doctors treating him no one else is allowed to enter his room.

Police have claimed that after 13 days of remand were over on 21st of May and he was brought to court, Babaunagari made an attestable confession. However Hefazat has said that Mawlana Junaid Babunagari was taken in to remand and severely tortured, he was then forced to make a false confession under Law 164 by the detective branch. Babunagari did not willingly make that confession and later he was forced to sign a written copy of the fabricated confession which the Police are using as evidence.

Police arrested Mawlana Babunagari on 6th of May from Lalbagh area of Dhaka city. On 7th of May He was taken in to remand for nine days. Finally on the 16th of May, Babunagari was given a further 22 days of remand for 3 cases in Mothijheel prison.

Translated from Amar Desh