ASK – ‘Crossfires’ kill 64 in last three months


Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) on Tuesday said the law enforcement agencies have killed a total of 64 people in separate incidents of ‘crossfire’ in the country from January till March this year, while at least 122 people were killed in political violence, according to its report on human rights violation.

Of the deaths in ‘crossfire’, ASK report said 15 people were killed in RAB ‘crossfire’ while 24 in police ‘crossfire’, five in DB police ‘crossfire’, one in BGB ‘crossfire’ and another one in coastguard/ansar ‘crossfire’.

The ‘crossfire’ statistics of the last three months were prepared on the basis of reports published in the national dailies, and the information gathered by ASK . However, RAB has denied the killings in their custody.

Ain o Salish Kendra in their press release said according to the family members and relatives of the victims, only one man was found dead among the 25 people, who were picked up by the members of law enforcement agencies in plainclothes.

The law enforcement agencies, however, denied the allegations.

According to the report of ASK, four people died in police torture, one was totured to death by RAB, nine in police firing, one was killed in a shootout with intelligence officials, and another man committed suicide in police custody.
A total of 17 people died in police custody in last three months. A man died of heart attack after arrest, family members of another deceased claimed the victim died after he was thrown on the rail track.

ASK said, 122 people died in 556 incidents of political violence in the last three months among which 69 were burned to death.

A total of 3,051 people were injured in 556 incidents which took place due to political conflicts during the last three months from January to March 31, in separate incidents of violence, and the local administration slammed section 144 in 15 different places of the country’s seven divisions, it said.

Besides, four people were killed in police torture, one in RAB torture while 9 others were killed in police firing and one in DB firing.

Of the political killings, 69 were burnt to deaths, said the report which was prepared on the basis of newspaper reports.

According to the report, some 99 females were victims of family repression. Of them, 72 females were killed in family repression.  Some 16 females committed suicides for repression while another 11 faced physical tortures.

At least 112 females became victims of rapes, said the report.  At least 15 females were killed after rape and one committed suicide after rape. Besides, attempts were taken to rape some 11 females.

About tortures on Hindu community, the report said that 11 people were injured, 17 houses and one business enterprise were burnt during three months.

A total of 105 incidences of vandalised business enterprises, arsons, breaking altars, mandops and temple arsons in hindu community took place.

About 103 journalists were victims of tortures and cases were filed against three journalists for publishing reports.

On border conflict, it said six Bangladeshis were killed in BSF firing and three were killed in BSF tortures while 22 people were injured and 36 were victims of abduction.

Eminent lawyer Shahdeen Malik said the statistics in the report of ASK shows the deaths in crossfire or in custody, in political violence and in mob beating is on the rise during the last three months.

Source: Prothom Alo, Guangming Online