Chatra League demonstrators arrested with knives


On 28th February in Chittagong Lalkhan bazar, an anti-strike rally was led by the local Awamileague (ruling party) ward councillor F I Kabir Manik (marked yellow in the photo). On their home, 5 participants in the rally (marked in red) were arrested with car-full of knives, RAMDA and firearms. The police initially mistook them as [opposition] Shibir men, but soon they were found to be members of Chatraleague [student wing of ruling Awamileague]. Within a short time as per insistence of Awamileague leaders, they were reported as ‘butchers’ and soon released. Similarly, we have seen that a Juboleague [youth wing of Awamileague] member who was captured red-handed while vandalising a Shaheed Minaar (national symbol) in Bogra, was reported as mentally ill and has been released. Jamate Islam has been accused in many media of destroying national symbols.

Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page