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10 Best Software Company in Bangladesh (2023- Updated)

Now that we live in a digital age, it’s impossible to deny how integral software is to our everyday lives. In simpler terms, the software is a collection of data, programs, and instructions that allow a computer to perform a specific task. These days, almost no business or institution operates without some sort of automated software to manage its customer database, inventory, and historical documents. Our increasingly reliant use of software has simplified our lives. As a result of its widespread use, a plethora of software firms sprouted up over the past few decades to provide services related to software development and tech solutions. Before signing a contract with a software company, it is in your best interest as a consumer to have basic knowledge of the services they offer. To that end, this article compiles a list of the top 10 software development firms in Bangladesh with an overview of each company’s details.

List of Top Software Companies in Bangladesh

SL. NO.Company Name




Brain Station 23

DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited


BJIT Limited


Enosis Solutions



Kaz software

Genex Infosys


Dream71 Bangladesh

TigerIT Bangladesh

1. Dcastalia

Dcastalia | Best software company in bangladesh

Company Brief: Dcastalia is the best software company in Bangladesh. They have focused on delivering personalized and tailored services to their clientele from the very beginning of their journey. By providing unique and robust IT solutions, Dcastalia has achieved the trust and credibility of its clients. They have made significant contributions to the local and international software sectors. 

MissionSince its inception, Dcastalia’s mission has been to inspire innovation and embed the importance of information technology amongst businesses to empower businesses, for sustainable growth.
VisionDcastalia’s vision is to become a prominent face of trust in the IT & ITES sector nationally and internationally, offering pragmatic solutions to multifaceted challenges.
Product & ServicesSoftware development including custom software development, e-commerce development, mobile application, and DevOps solutions, website design and development, WordPress development, UX/UI design, technical support, etc. 
Best ForInstitutions, businesses, etc. that require software or website development service solutions along with maintenance and technical support services.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+8801400999666
Founding Year2009
LocationHouse 91, Road 04, Block B, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

2. Brain Station 23

Brain Station 23

Company Brief: Brain Station 23 started as a small software company, but this company has grown to be one of the top-tier software companies in Bangladesh. In the beginning, Brain Station 23 was focused completely on the international market. After four years of their journey, they added the local market as another main focus of their company. With a formidable force of talented software engineers, Brain Station 23 has been delivering software development and IT solutions to its consumers.

MissionBrain Station 23’s mission is to serve as a trusted companion for digital leadership by empowering people to achieve more with less.
VisionBrain Station 23’s vision is to be the fastest digital transformation and innovation partner by engaging global talents thus creating a positive impact.
Product & ServicesAdobe experience manager, banking solution, mobile app development, AR-VR solution, game studio, cloud and cyber security, ERP, e-commerce solution, SharePoint services, software testing as service, ML & AI, etc.
Industries the Agency Specializes inFintech, healthcare, telecom, real estate, software, ITES, education, retail, automotive, startup, etc.
Best forBusinesses, healthcare centers, institutions, etc. requiring BI solutions, tech support, software services, etc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number02-222290728, +8801404055220.
Founding Year2006
Location8th Floor, 2 Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

3. DataSoft Systems Bangladesh

DataSoft Systems Bangladesh

Company Brief: DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited has been honored as the first software development company in Bangladesh to achieve CMMI Level 5 in 2009. As one of the top-ranking software companies, DataSoft has maintained its record by providing innovative and cost-effective technical support to consumers in both the public and corporate sectors.

MissionThe mission of DataSoft Systems Bangladesh is to maintain the leading software solution provider ensuring the benefit of customers, shareholders, and employees as well as developing, disseminating and exploiting the remarkable experience, expertise, and knowledge of all of their people. Their mission also includes developing a distinctive competence in process development and project management.
VisionDataSoft Systems Bangladesh’s vision is to be powered by innovation, guided by integrity, and delivering quality solutions to build The Digital Delta.
Product & ServicesMicrofinance solutions, HR management, asset management system, AML solution suite, employee benefits management, software development solutions, software testing as a service, infrastructure as a service, education, and training, etc.
Industries the Agency Specializes inBanking and finance, port and logistics, Government and defense, SME and development, automobile, telecommunication, etc.
Best ForAny organization or small business requiring small-scale loans, software development solutions, tech support, etc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number:880-2-58151538, 880-2-58151542, 880-2-48121377, 880-2-48115029.
Founding Year1998
LocationRupayan Shelford (20th Floor), 23/6, Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.



Company Brief: Established in Bangladesh 20 years ago, BJIT Limited has come a long way since its humble beginnings. BJIT is now a top-ranking software company with a Bangladeshi offshore headquarter and other locations in the USA, Japan, Finland, Sweden, and Singapore. BJIT has finished over a thousand projects in artificial intelligence (AI), financial technology (FinTech), blockchain, product lifecycle management (PLM/PDM), mechanical design (MechDesign), mobile application development (AppDev), enterprise solution implementation (Salesforce/SAP), and other specialized services. 50+ well-known companies throughout the world have benefited from BJIT’s high-quality service.

MissionFrom its inception, BJIT’s mission has been to leverage the talent and resources of Bangladesh to provide quality IT solutions to global customers.
VisionThe vision behind BJIT is to define quality as solutions that surpass customer needs on time and within budget; to define customer value as solutions that expand sales, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs and risks while creating value for all stakeholders, including their employees and the community.
Product & ServicesDedicated offshore development; custom software design & development; QA and test automation; AMS; DevOps; Embedded Solution: VLSI & CAD.
Best ForAny business or organization that needs offshore development support, or DevOps.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+88-02-9889820, +8801755997099
Founding Year2001
LocationH-2275, 2279, Pachkhula, Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

5. Enosis Solutions

Enosis Solutions

Company Brief: Enosis Solutions is one of the reputed software companies located in Dhaka. By providing software development and testing services, Enosis has made it to the list of the most reliable custom software firms in Bangladesh. From the beginning of their journey, they have partnered with various firms and brought operational advantages to startups, and emerging and established organizations in the field of software development.

MissionEnosis’s mission is to provide our clients with expert guidance and to build software vital to their organizations.
VisionEnosis works as an extension of your development and testing team. Their vision is to work together to solve your business cases and get the maximum value for your budget.
Product & ServicesCustom software development, web application development, mobile application development, quality assurance, and testing, etc.
Best ForAny business or organization that needs software or application development support.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+880 2 883 6411
Founding Year2006
LocationHouse 27, Road 8, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

6. Southtech


Company Brief: Starting as a small entrepreneurial software company, Southtech has thrived to reach the top of the list of the most reputed software development companies in Bangladesh. Different businesses require different types of software and Southtech delivers all their services keeping this in mind. Their dedication to delivering customized software solutions has brought them the honor of being accredited with CMMI L5.

MissionWith a mission to make Southtech a household name, they thrive to pursue a win-win situation for everyone related in the process. There is no compromise in creativity, innovation, and hard work from their end to make this mission come to life.
VisionSouthtech’s aim is to be a highly respected global ICT solution provider that satisfies the demands of society and works positively towards the interests of humanity.
Product & ServicesUX/UI solutions, data center, software development, consultancy, etc. 
Industries the Agency Specializes inBRAC, non-profit organizations, etc.
Best ForAny business requiring effective software solutions and tech support.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+8801904422133
Founding Year1996
LocationHazi Komar Uddin Tower, 3rd Floor– West Side, 27, Ashkona, Dakshinkhan, Dhaka-1230.

7. Kaz Software

Kaz Software

Company Brief: Kaz software is a leading software company in Bangladesh that has been flourishing for the last 18 years. Kaz offers a pool of skilled software professionals to their clientele to help them with any type of software solutions. Kaz prefers to call their team ‘problem solvers’ rather than software developers as they have successful records of delivering unique solutions to every problem of their clients.

MissionA passion-driven mission to get things done, to see thoughts turned into reality.
VisionCombining four Ingredients: passion, culture, skill, and process, to create amazing software and provide unique solutions.
Product & ServicesSoftware development, software quality assurance, data, content and research, etc.
Industries the Agency Specializes inE-learning, live concerts, financial company, etc.
Best ForAny businesses or organizations who need personalized applications or custom software services.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+880 248315727
Founding Year2004
Location35/5 Shantinagar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.

8. Genex Infosys

Genex Infosys

Company Brief: Genex Infosys is a part of the IPE Group UK, and is a leading software development company situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Genex specializes in outsourcing providers of customer experience management by transforming their clients’ businesses. Their multinational team of experts ensures business development through operation and research and helps their clients focus on their core business.

MissionTo be the most Trusted Partner in Customer Experience Management and Digital Transformation keeping employee experience and engagement as a top priority.
Vision: To achieve results through transforming their clients’ businesses and delivering excellence in customer experience.
Product & Services:Customer experience management, HR & tech support, sales, and campaign management, D2D & retail management, back-office management, robotic process automation, data digitization, verification and KYC, artificial intelligence and automation, cyber security, Software as a Service (SaaS), IT infrastructure, skill development, knowledge management, etc.
Best ForAny company in need of IT solutions, business management services, etc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+88 09 612 111 000
Founding Year2012
LocationNitol Niloy Tower (Level 6-12), Nikunja C/A, Airport Road, Dhaka-1229.

9. Dream71 Bangladesh

Dream71 Bangladesh

Company Brief: Dream71 Bangladesh is a promising software developer company in Bangladesh. Since the beginning of its journey,  Dream71 Bangladesh has tried to provide innovative and dynamic software and application development services. Dream71 offers excellence in user experience & design, agile engineering, and innovation strategy for mobile apps in Bangladesh. Their high-quality applications are the sole reason they are one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh.

MissionDream71 Bangladesh’s mission is to create a new standard in the era of software technology.
VisionDream71 Bangladesh is determined to always set up new benchmarks and to exceed the expectations of their client and customers.
Product & ServicesE-governance, artificial intelligence, ios app development, Android app development, web app development, game development, digital marketing, multimedia content development, data center infrastructure, etc.
Best ForAny company or institution that has urgent app development needs.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+8801550019966, +8801715091734
Founding Year2014
LocationHouse No 16 ( Level 4), Bashundhara R/A, Main Road, Block – A, Dhaka-1229.

10. TigerIT Bangladesh

TigerIT Bangladesh

Company Brief: TigerIT Bangladesh is enlisted as one of the top 10 software companies in Bangladesh because of its long service to deliver national-scale IT solutions. TigerIT has gained a stellar reputation owing to their dedication to providing superior consulting, project management, training, and support services, as well as prompt, cost-effective, and comprehensive delivery of IT solutions to challenging problems.

MissionTigerIT’s mission is to reduce risk, improve performance and promote the sustainable business as their work is in critical environments with large volumes of sensitive data.
VisionTigerIT’s vision is to bring innovation not only in their technologies but also in the way they manage projects and deliver their solutions.
Product & ServicesManaged services, identity, and access management, privileged account management (PAM), etc.
Industries the Agency Specializes inPassports and immigration, voter registration, driving license supplying, etc.
Best ForAny endeavor that requires identity and access management services such as biometric systems, etc.
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Number+88 02 8826716, +88 02 8826739
Founding Year2000
LocationHouse 21, Road 28, Block-K, Banani Model Town, Dhaka, 1213, Bangladesh.


Having software that can do the work you otherwise had to do manually has made life a lot easier. This also decreases human error, which is typical when manual procedures are performed. Given the numerous benefits of software, the emergence of uncountable software companies in Bangladesh is hardly surprising. Top software companies in Bangladesh offer top-tier software and application development services, IT solutions, BI solutions, and technical support. These software companies have not only made the maintenance of any business easier but have also been a significant source of employment. These leading software companies are major contributors to Bangladesh’s economy.


1. How many software companies are there in Bangladesh? 

Ans. There are over 800+ registered software and ITES companies and 500+ IT companies in Bangladesh. 

2. What do software developer companies do?

Ans. Software developer companies design, program, build and maintain software and applications for a specific service.

3. Is software development a good career choice?

Ans. It can be considered a good career choice if you have the skills required to be a software developer.

4. What are the basic skills needed for a software developer?

Ans. The basic skills of a software developer include mathematical aptitude, problem-solving skills, expertise in programming languages, and attention to detail.

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