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How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh? (2023- Updated)

Surfing the Internet is one of the favorite tasks for everyone. But many people don’t know that in Bangladesh they can earn a lot of money online. However, without any guidance, earning money online can be a little misleading because there are many scammers and methods that declare what they are not which can misguide you. You can choose one path from a variety of options. But, first, you should do your research before deciding which one is most suitable for you. Bangladesh is a densely populated country and developing day by day. During the recent pandemic, economic growth has boomed up. And it has exceeded the neighboring country like India, Pakistan. Even the growth of e-commerce is expected to hit about $3B by 2023. So you can get the idea that people are getting habituated to the online market. And this will bring us a lot of scopes of work.

Today I am going to tell you some legit and easy ways to earn money online. I hope it will help you to start the journey towards online earning.

32 Ways to Make Money Online in Bangladesh

There are lots of prospects for online earning in Bangladesh. But among all those, I am listing the most potential and legit ways to earn money online. So, here we start!

1. Freelance to Make Money Online

The best idea to make money is to work from home. All you need to work as a freelancer is excellent English with full knowledge of a chosen topic. There are several sites that people desire to outsource to do their specific job. If your abilities match your requirements, you will earn much depending on your work. To get a project, you need to build credibility and a portfolio.

You can get a job from:

2. Take Part in Online Surveys

You can make money by completing an online survey. However, you cannot make money by completing surveys, and you cannot earn a steady income. Still, this is the easiest and most direct way to earn online as you don’t need any unique talents or qualifications.

Following are some legit survey sites:

  • PaidViewPoint
  • Pinecone Research
  • Opinion Outpost
  • iPoll
  • Vivatic
  • Swagbucks
  • iPanel
  • MySurvey
  • Ipsos

3. From Google Adsense

Google Adsense can be a plan that allows you to place numerous ads on the website. In fact, bloggers certainly utilize this application as an add-on, but other people use Google Adsense to be their primary business income source.

This usually works great if you possess a website that is useful for others, like a photo edit tool. You can host content on the site to draw Google visitors with the focus keywords. Once on it, your visitors will see the ads around the tool, and they will be designed to click on them.

However, a thriving Google Adsense site is challenging to improve. Your ad design should make it stand out, yet you can easily overwhelm it once you see it. If you post too many advertisements, you run the risk of disconnecting your readers and forcing them to leave the site.

4. Lead Generation

If you need a website to generate leads for the business, the lead generation site can do it. Lead generation is some of the easiest to create. In general, they include nothing more than a company name and a touch form. However, it is a fabulous way to reach your business leads.

However, most potential webmasters only use one of their landing pages and not the leading site. It’s a great idea to hold a different type of business site besides a site that can lead you.

5. Become an Online Translator

There is a great opportunity to earn additional income for individuals who speak two or more foreign accents. There are many sites where you will always get an interesting job. These sources usually act as an auction, with each translator placing a bid and the client choosing the most reasonable price. 

The client and contractor solve their monetary problems through platforms. After this, the translator needs to meet the deadline and complete his/her work.

6. Support Site

Tech business owners may want to create a support site for business. For instance, Apple has its own support website, which provides technical assistance for its services and products.

However, managing this kind of site requires a team of experts, which may be expensive based on how big your team needs to be. If your company is still in its infancy, you can feasibly do without linking to support contact information on your top site.

7. Sell ​​Photo Online

If you love photography and save good photos, consider trading them through sites such as iStockPhoto and Shutterstock, the largest photography resource on the Internet. It doesn’t need much effort, but you must have creativity and grit to be successful. When it comes to selling photos online, you’ll face stiff competition, but it’s also an excellent way to generate passive income. 

8. Become a Podcaster

Maybe people like your smooth complexion or, conversely, you may have a sharp baritone tone. Next, you have an elevated opportunity to trade with voice. Many online services allow you to build your audiobooks or magazines. 

All you require is great equipment for high-quality recording. On some platforms, you can also do small tasks: pick a job for yourself, record your story, and get your money’s worth.

9. Flipping Website

As with marketing, investing in websites is also an attractive pursuit for making money online. These are not domains but sites. You need to create a site, and work on this for 3-6 months or even more. 

And so, you can make money on websites. After earning 2-3 months, you can place this site up for auction on sites like Flippa and other platforms. You can quickly get 15 to 20 times your monthly income from this site.

10. Become a Domain seller

Domain selling is another highly profitable business that you can begin online. But in that case, you need an investment to buy a domain. You need to be an expert and get detailed information before starting this business. 

Again, you can purchase domains from Namecheap, GoDaddy, or any other domain registrar for under $ 10 and sell them to people who need hundreds of dollars in the future. Here, you can identify large areas that are not yet involved, and companies may try to get into that area in the future. When companies cannot find a choice domain, they contact the owner to get an offer and decide the price themselves. Even you can put the domains up for auction. And so, users can buy them immediately at their desired price.

11. Become an Online Seller

Online sales are not traditional sales. Here, you need to be a dealer on some big shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, SnapDeal, etc., and list your desired products to sell. You can wander around your town and search for the most suitable products sold on those sites. You have to examine the best products to sell at a lower price than the purchase price. Believe me; this is easier than I thought. All you have to do is act.

12. YouTube Channel

Run anywhere or perform anything, if you like to record videos in all those cases, you have many opportunities to make money on YouTube. All you have to, just upload the video to YouTube and be a YouTuber. You get paid for every show. If one of the videos goes viral at some point, you can get a lot of money.

13. Microwork

If you need easy ways to make money online and no more than about $ 250-300 a month, you can be a small worker. Here you have to do a wide range of tasks such as finding a property, rating and remarking on various sites, visiting multiple sites, getting contact information, researching, writing short articles, etc.

14. By Doing SEO

It is a popular online business out there; if you have an SEO idea, don’t bother earning online. Companies pay $100 to $1000 on SEO every month to help their site stand out from Google for keywords. You should get training from a famous institution from which you can get practical SEO advice and apply them to rank different websites.

15. Web Design and Development

Once you have a website design and development idea, you can earn online by getting orders from clients who want to design your website. If you have no idea, you can attend a training session arranged by reputed website development companies and start doing it, as this area has excellent potential. You can improve it offline or build your website and promote it online.

16. Affiliate Marketing

This is the way to earn a commission that promotes the products of other people or companies. Find a stock that you prefer and promote it by rating the product or creating a website for that product through ads, digital marketing, YouTube videos, etc. You will find several ways to pass the affiliate product over to different people and get a percentage for each sale of that product. Yet, marketing takes time and isn’t easy for newbies. Need to study articles, blogs, or video lectures for getting the things. It may take about a month without any results. But over time, you will make good money if you want to.

17. Resell Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a great method to earn money online. In general, the basic concept behind this is to afford a great server space that you can utilize to produce your hosting web brand. Also, it enables you to:

  • Build hosting web accounts with the cPanel
  • Set your own resource limits (bandwidth, disk space, etc.).
  • Easily manage all WHM accounts.

An internal control team also monitors server uptime to ensure good availability and uptime. This way, you can focus on customer acquisition with the technical phases of server management. Moreover, when you know well how web hosting acts, reselling is very easy.

18. Website Review and Testing

Website management is an effortless way to make money as you do it every day – you survey the web. Different websites allow you to become a member of their team and become a unique site visitor. For every site review, you achieve as an Authorized Reviewer, and you can get £ 8 via PayPal. The evaluation lasts from 5 to 20 minutes.

19. Become a Craigslist

Craigslist has options for letting users communicate that they are online. It can simply post jobs online or offline, like posting a piece on eBay and paying for it. Craigslist is worth looking for opportunities.

20. Create an Online Lesson

Knowledge sharing is the most reliable way to get money online. When you are a specialist in any subject, you may profit from your expertise by creating online courses. You can trade your classes on Udemy also, if you have your fans, on your website.

For making your course popular and thriving, it’s best to look at other courses related to your topic. Next, watch the reviews. Converge on producing content that answers your biggest complaints by mimicking the positives that people care about.

21. Start Blogging

Blogging is the oldest way to make money online. Individuals who love to write usually write on blogs with special attention. For instance, a blog about cars, stadiums, toys, and the like is often narrow enough to lead the way but generous enough to cover a good chunk of land. You can blog across multiple platforms. At the beginning of your blog, converge on particular keywords with a strong focus, and stay expanding into other relevant niches as you gain and govern new areas. It allows you to create a colossal blog.

You may find various ways to earn money by blogging. You may add affiliate links to your posts. Also, you can generate Adsense income by strategically placing ads on your site. Messages can help you generate income from certain brands.  However, it is popular with bloggers. The most prominent obstacle here is getting enough traffic. Once you do it, you can pick the most appropriate monetization option.

22. Amazon FBA

In general, it is a way you buy in bulk from a wholesale website in China and ship it to Amazon’s warehouse. Later, promote the product every time a customer purchases, packages your product, ships to Amazon, and meets a customer order. However, this method’s advantage is that people don’t even need to look at the product or warehouse store.

23. By Doing Cost per Action (CPA) Marketing

With this, you will get rewarded a flat amount for each person acting on the provider’s website, such as registering or inquiring about a free unit, without having to spend money in advance. Those are just some of the possible options. Look around to see and shape what other people do in your industry and try different ideas before getting an advertising budget.

24. By Managing Social Media

You may know that social media can significantly influence purchasing decisions. In fact, many local traders are trying to take advantage of this by staying active on these social networks. However, this is time-consuming, and very often, they will try to outsource this task. You can manage their social media accounts for money.

25. Become a Graphic Designer 

If you have designing skills, show them the world! Create a free site to present your portfolio, then go through different work boards for customers until you earn a reputation.

26. By Proofreading 

You may like grammar, but you don’t want to be a writer. Online proofreaders are also in high demand. However, it is a task for what you need skills.

27. Start Dropshipping Business

Everyone likes things at their doors, and you can get so without any investment. Forget storing products so that it collects dust later and loses value over time. Dropshipping enables you to send goods from the virtual warehouse when orders are received. Many dropshipping services are available, but you have to choose a reliable supplier that pays attractive commissions on time.

28. Make Apps

Forget this method of making money online, if you. Luckily, you can create an application if you don’t have any coding knowledge. Marketers today use independent platforms to find available developers to build applications for them.

29. By Doing Amazon Product Review

Amazon product review is another way to earn money for anyone. In fact, it is the easiest way to earn money online. You need not have any specific knowledge of that. Just open an Amazon account, and use VPN. Copy a relevant product review and paste it to that product review section. For each review, you can earn up to $10. You can get the work from different Amazon product review groups on Facebook.

30. By Publishing eBook

There are several ways to make money by selling ebooks on the Internet. You can donate your ebook without any money for several days. It will help you rank higher in search engines for a while and get some feedback, which will help you rank your paid ads better. You can earn by publishing your own book on Amazon or working as a ghostwriter for other clients.

31. Become a Virtual Assistant

Finally, serving as a virtual assistant is a way to make money online. To find work in this area, you must have basic knowledge in the field of computer science and office suite (Excel, Word, etc.). The control of business communication is an extra benefit.

32. Software Development

One of the most sought-after services nowadays and a significant competitive potential for any organization is software development. As a result, the majority of Bangladeshi organizations are ready to create their own software system. The opportunity to develop new skills and make money online can be enhanced by learning how to build custom software. Organizations would be willing to collaborate to make a seamless software system if you can learn software development and demonstrate your potential. Moreover, your expertise would enable you to work on any proficient software development companies in Bangladesh.

Final Verdict

As there are various offline businesses, you may find online business plans out there for making money. Your determination, creativity, passion, and dedication determine the way to earn money online in Bangladesh.

Another point to consider, and perhaps the most important, is your state of mind – your way of thinking. When making money, no method, type, education, or technology hits the human mind. So, you can research some proven practices and then go over them to determine if you can handle them.

I have mentioned plenty of methods to choose to start earning money online in Bangladesh. So, select one that suits you best.

Best of luck!

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