Robi SMS Bundle Package Offer List 2021 [Update] – (Any Operator)

Robi All SMS Bundle 2021

Robi is one of the biggest mobile operator companies in Bangladesh. It launched a different SMS package offer for their honourable customers. Today I am going to share the Robi SMS Bundle Package offer. So, let’s see what they included in their latest SMS Bundle Package offer.

Robi SMS Bundle Package Offer 2021

In Robi’s website, you can see so many bundle package offers. This mobile operator company arranges its SMS bundle package offer very nicely and obviously at a cheap price rate. You can choose an affordable one and others like Robi internet offers, Robi new sim offer, You are not spending so much money to buy this package. Below I give a list of Robi SMS Bundle Package offer,

Robi SMS PackPrice BDTActivation CodeValidity
10 SMS (Any Net)Tk. 1*8666*1#1 hour
20 SMS (On-Off Net)Tk. 3*8666*40#1 hour
100 (Any Net)Tk. 6.9*123*6*5*4#1 day
100+20 MB (Any Net)Tk. 5*123*6*6*3#1 day
100 (Off Net)Tk. 10*8666*1000#1 day
100 (On NET)Tk. 5*8666*5555#2 days
200 (Any Operator)Tk. 5*123*2*7*1#30 day
200 (Prepaid)Tk. 10*123*6*5*6#3 days
250 (Robi-Robi/Airtel)Tk. 15*8666*07#7 days
350 SMS + 60 MBTk. 15*123*6*6*4#3 days
400 SMS (Any Operator)Tk.12.18*123*6*5*6#1 days
500 (Any Operator)Tk. 10*123*2*7*2#30 days
500 (Postpaid)Tk.12.18*123*2*2*1#30 days
500 (USSD)Tk. 12*123*6*5*2#1 day
500 (Local)Tk. 5*123*223#1 day
900 (Any Operator)Tk.30.44*8666*25#30 days
1000 (Postpaid)Tk.18.26*123*2*2*2#30 days
1500 SMS (Any Operator)Tk. 20*123*2*7*3#30 days

Robi SMS Bundle Offer Any Operator:

Robi mobile operator launches their SMS pack offer not only for their sim users it also applicable for other mobile operator users. So it is a great advantage for anyone who purchases the Robi SMS Bundle Package offer. Below I listed some SMS offer packs with price and validity.

 Robi 100 SMS Pack Offer:

  • Activate this offer dial *123*6*5*4# to migrate all Robi Prepaid customers.
  • This unlimited SMS Pack is only applicable for unlimited FNF package customers.
  • To the local number, this SMS can only be sent
  • Check SMS balance from Robi to other operators dial *222*20#
  • You can grab this 100 SMS Offer as many times as you wish.

Robi 200 SMS Pack Offer:

  • Dial *123*2*7*1# to activate this offer.
  • Its validity is 30 days
  • SMS Price is 05 BDT.

In the Robi SMS Bundle Package offer, you get different types of SMS offer. It has a great 200 SMS pack for 72 hour period at 10 BDT cost. This pack is for all super customers.

  • Dial *123*6*5*6# to activate this offer
  • Validity is 3 days
  • Cost taka10BDT+VAT

Robi 500 SMS Pack Offer:

  • To purchase this SMS bundle Dial *120*2*3*2#
  • Price 10 BDT
  • You can send SMS Robi to any local number
  • you can buy this offer unlimited times
  • Validity 30 days
  • SD and VAT included

 Robi 1000 SMS Pack Offer:

  • Dial *120*2*2*2# to get this offer
  • Cost 18 BDT SD and VAT included
  • Expiration is 30 Days.

Robi 1500 SMS Pack Offer:  

  • Dial *123*2*7*3# to activate this offer
  • Price 20 BDT this package
  • Validity 30 days

Robi International SMS Pack:

Inside the country SMS service offer, they also have an International SMS service. International SMS service is needed to communicate with your friends and family members. A good thing is you can send SMS in a foreign country but it not cost so much. Robi SMS Bundle Package Offer provides a very affordable price. Lets checkout,

Tk.33 ISMS1 Day*8666*3#
Tk.108 ISMS5 Days*8666*6#
Tk.55 ISMS3 Days*8666*4#
Tk.77 ISMS2 Days*8666*77#

Robi SMS Bundle Pack Code:

This mobile operating company has a different amount of SMS pack offer. You can choose any of SMS offer which is suitable for you. These bundles are so affordable price rates with long validity. So that you can easily activate any SMS offer of your choice, for your convenience, I am giving below the SMS offer and activation code:

Robi SMS PackActivation Code
100 SMS offer (Any Operator)*123*6*5*4#
200 SMS offer (Any Operator)*123*2*7*1#


500 SMS offer (Any Operator)*120*2*2*2#
1000 SMS offer (Any Operator)*120*2*2*2#
1500 SMS offer  (Any Operator)*123*2*7*3#

After purchase a Robi SMS Bundle Package then you need to check the SMS balance to see how many SMS are left and there is a code through which you can know how many more SMS are left. You can also dial a specific Robi code to know their daily SMS offer,

  • Robi SMS balance Check Code >> *222*12#
  • For any Robi SMS Bundle Package offer check code >> *123*6*5#
  • Robi to other SMS Balance check dial*222*20#

Robi SMS Pack-Terms and Conditions:

  • All the Robi prepaid customers will be able to enjoy this SMS offer.
  • Multiples time you can purchase this offer
  • SMS pack can use 2G/3G/4G networks
  • 24-hours usable
  • Long-time offer applicable
  • After the end of your pack or validity, you can again renowned this offer with the same charge.
  • Postpaid customer does not allow on this bundle.

Final Thoughts:

These are the almost details information about Robi Bundle Package Offer. As Country’s 2nd telecommunication company Robi provides great SMS facilities. Robi customers are not disappointed with this offer. It is an all combination SMS bundle package. One can easily activate this offer. I hope this article helps you to know enough information about the Robi SMS offer.

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