Zihad rescued dead after fire service abandons operation


Minor boy Zihad, who slipped into 600-foot deep abandoned tube-well of Bangladesh Railway at Shahjahanpur railway colony, was pronounced dead by doctors at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, after he was rushed to the hospital on Saturday noon.

Duty doctor, Riad Morshed, said Zihad was brought dead to the hospital. ‘After examining the body we found Zihad died several hours before he was brought to the hospital. There were some marks of injuries on his body. Details could be found after post-mortem examination,’ he said.

Zihad was recovered from the well after the Fire Service and Civil Defence had abandoned the rescue operation at around 3:00pm.

Zihad was immediately taken to hospital after being rescued.

Meanwhile, agitated local people vandalized government establishments and shops around the railway colony, while police were preparing for taking action to control the situation, witnesses said

Source: New Age