Women to Participate in Hefazat’s Movement

hefazat long march

Chittagong: Hefazot-e-Islam is planning to promote women’s participation through a variety of small programs such as meetings, discussions and debates.
On Tuesday, after an emergency meeting, Hefazot’s literacy editor Mufti Harun Ijhara informed RTNN of this initiative.
This meeting took place in Hathazari Madrasa from 10am to 3pm.
Mufti Harun also added, next Thursday the first seminar with women might be held. Various female human right activists and female teachers will participate in this seminar.
He said, if required thereafter, women will be active in the fieldwork. But he didn’t mention any plan of forming a committee with women.
He also added, Hefazot’s upcoming seminar on the 26th of April was discussed in the meeting. On that day, 2 million people are expected to enter Chittagong from nearby towns.
The siege of Dhaka was also discussed in the meeting. Hefazot’s leaders decided not to go into any compromise with the government.
Harun Izhar commented, “if the government meets our demands, then we are willingly to have a discussion with the government.”

Source: RTNN