We have turned into the Razakars now: Kader Siddiqui

Kader Siddiqui footpathsit in Motijheel

In a meeting on Wednesday in the capital, Chairperson of Krishak Sramil Janata League Banga Bir Kader Siddique (Bir Uttam) said that, “Those who have fought the liberation war in fiction and in television screen have turned into the real freedom fighters and we, those who have fought the war in jungles and bushes have turned into Razakars (the local Bengali collaborators of Pakistan occupation army during the liberation war of 1971).”

He said this on Wednesday in a meeting with the distinguished personalities of different professions who came to express their solidarity with his sit-in protest on its 57th day in the capital.

Siddique added that the liberation war has broken out as the erstwhile Pakistani rulers had ignored the demand of the majority of the country’s populace. The current government was staying in power in the same way, depending solely on administrative forces without paying any heed to the public demand. He also added, “In 1971 we all were freedom fighters. Now some of them have turned into Awami freedom fighters and some of them have turned into nationalist freedom fighters.”

Kader Siddiqui has been staging his sit-in programme on the footpath of Dhaka’s Motijheel area since the 28th of January this year, in a bid to demand Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to sit and discuss with the opposition and for Khaleda Zia to withdraw the countrywide blockade in order to save Bangladesh and its people.

General Secretary of Krishak Sramik Janata League Habibur Rahman Talukder Bir Pratik, Joint Secretary Iqbal Siddique, organising secretary Shafiqul Islam Delwar, central leader Farid Ahmed, advocate Rafiqul Islam have been reported to be accompanying him in the sit-in.

On 28th March, Kader Siddique and his party members will celebrate the 60th day of their sit-in movement. They will arrange a dialogue session with the personalities who have expressed their solidarity with the sit-in movement.

Source: Naya diganta