Victim’s Statement of Police Night Attack on Hefazot’s Rally-May 6, 2013

Statement from a victim of 6th May: “My name is Abdul Jalil and I came from Tarakandi, Mymensingh. I got injured around 3 o’clock in the morning when police first came. They were shooting at us as if it was a rain of bullets. I got shot in both of my legs. I cannot move my right leg. I don’t know how many people died because it was all dark and bullets were coming towards us like rains. I am scared to even think that may be thousands of people have died on the spot. I escaped because I managed to run away from the spot. Policemen didn’t say a word but shooting. I heard 25000 people were shot but I am not sure exactly how many of them were injured or dead. I have no idea what they have done with the dead bodies. I was senseless after I got shot until the sunrise then one brother from Rajbari carried me to this hospital. I have no knowledge of anyone else with me in the meeting.”

Source: Youtube ProgressBD channel