Victims of Extra Judicial Killings 101, Enforced Disappearances 29 in last 6 months

ASK Ain O shalish Kendro

From January to June of the current year so far 101 people have been killed at crossfire and at the custody of law enforcement agencies. Furthermore 29 people have been victims to enforced disappearances and 132 died due to political violence.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) published the above details regarding the human rights situation of the country in their monthly report released last Tuesday.

The report depicted the pictures of violation of human rights in the first six months by law enforcement agencies and others in different sectors.

The report mentioned that in the first six months 101 people died via crossfire and at the custody of law enforcement agencies. 132 people died due to political violence, 23 people died at the border violence due to torture and bullets of BSF, 34 people at prison and 69 people died due to mob beating.

Beside this 29 people were picked up by law enforcement agencies out of whom only 4 dead bodies were found. Incidents of rape have increased tremendously in the country and death toll of rape victims was 30.

The human rights organization informed that the report was prepared based on the information published in the daily newspapers and from information collected by their own staff and personnel.

In the ASK report the following were stated from the statistics published in the daily newspapers- 101 people died at hands of enforcement agencies in custody/crossfire, out of which 22 were by RAB crossfire, 40 by police, 7 by DB police,1 at RAB BGB crossfire, 1 by joint force, 1 at crossfire by Ansar.

Besides this 7 people died due to torture by police, DB, RAB and BGB. Meantime 14 died with bullet fired by police and 1 from the bullet fired by DB.

Meanwhile 3 people committed suicide while being held at the police station, 2 died due to heart attack in police custody after being arrested and 1 died in RAB custody. Besides this, according to the claim of the family of a victim, 1 person was killed after being thrown under the train.

The report also mentioned violation of human rights at the Bangladesh-India border and stated that 15 people died directly after being fired upon by the Indian border guard agency BSF. A further 8 people died from the torture by BSF, while 38 others were injured.

The report further stated that 29 people were picked by people claiming to be from law enforcement agencies, out of which only 4 dead bodies were found. In the same manner only 1 from the enforced disappearances came back and 1 was shown arrested.

Out of the 29 – 2 are from BNP Jubodal, 4 from Jamaat, 1 from Juboleague, 9 are students, 2 are women, 1 is a shopkeeper, 1 is a garment worker while 3 of those picked are without any identity.

Throughout this period of the year 660 cases of political violence took place. 132 people died due to these incidents and 3892 were injured. Out of the death 70 were victim of arson attacks.

In the report period, incidents of rape have increased at a disturbing rate. The report mentioned that during these six months, 326 women were victims of rape, 29 women were murdered after being raped while 1 woman committed suicide after being raped. Besides attempt to rape was made upon 52 women.

The report further mentioned that 161 journalists were victims of torture, harassment, threat and faced obstacles professionally.

Beside this 69 people died due to mob beatings, 17 were victims of acid violence out of which 1 died, 22 domestic workers were tortured out of which 3 died. Moreover, 11 people died mysteriously.

200 women were victims of domestic violence, out of which 148 were murdered. And 32 women who were victims of domestic violence committed suicide.

In this time 6 women committed suicide as they were sexually assaulted. 1 woman and 1 man died while protesting against sexual assault. Beside 94 women and men were victims of sexual assault and harassment.

The ASK report also mentioned that throughout the country 133 women were victim of dowry related violence. Out of which 37 women were physically tortured. 91 women were murdered as they were tortured for dowry. And 20 women committed suicide after being tortured.

Source: Amardesh