Universities Refuse Govt Directive to Hold Classes During Hartal


Several universities have refused to hold classes during hartals after a government directive to remain open inspite of ongoing strikes. The universities, often following pressure from the student body, have decided to remain closed in contradiction of the directive. The institutions have chosen to do so for the purpose of staff and student safety.

North South University, East West University, Presidency University, American International University of Bangladesh, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology and Independent University are among those that have refused to remain open. Students at North South University held a protest on campus, while those at East West University and AIUB promoted online campaigns to boycott classes.

In a bid to promote a perspective of normalcy within the nation, the authorities called for the higher educational institutions to remain open even during hartal days. However, staff and students have asserted this has led to insecurity for those forced to leave their homes and attend university during days of protest. Protests can often turn violent, putting the safety of commuters at risk.