Two ruling party activists caught by police possessing foreign made pistol, Faridganj


The OC of Faridganj has confirmed that on Friday 23 January 2015 two members of Jubo League (ruling party youth branch), carrying a foreign made pistol were arrested by police from Ruposhi Bazar, in Faridganj. The arresstees are Zahirul Hossain (32) and Zahiurl Islam Molla (34) from Raipur Upozila and from Faridganj respectively. The two were travelling on a motorcycle, when they were stopped by police whereupon they tried to run away. The Police were able to catch the two with the help of locals.

The pistols, which is made in the USA was found in the basket of the motocylce, and police stated that it belongs to Zahirul Islam. Zahirul Islam is the son of Haji Karim Bepar, of Denathpur village in Raipur upazila. Both of the arrested already have several cases against them.  has confirmed that the two have been arrested.


Manab Zamin