Two cops suspended for not shooting at BNP protest

Police in action: Determined to hinder the ongoing protest by any means

Two Police officers were suspended from their positions on the spot for not following the instructions of a Senior Officer to shoot at the BNP rally that took place midday on Thursday in front of the BNP Central Office in Noyapaltan. It wasn’t immediately known the names of the two suspended Police Officers but it was known that one of them was the AC of the Mothijhil area. At noon 1.30pm a group from the BNP party started a demonstration in Noyapaltan area. At this time the main Police officer ADC Mehedi Hasan of Mothikhil Zone was ordering all the Police men under him to shoot ahead. Before The Police men prepared themselves for the action the demonstrators dispersed and hid themselves in the nearby alley ways. Soon on the Police men just fired in to the air.
Two Police Officers were heavily scrutinized for not shooting or arresting anyone under Mehedi Hasan. He asked them which batch they were from. He also informed the Upper Officers straight away. He then went on to say to the two Police Officers “if you want to stay with me than you will have to do as I do”.
A moment later the two Police Officers left their positions and headed for Noyaplatan in a car. Upon being asked about the two suspended Police Officers, Mehedi hasan tells the senior journalist “Please don’t do this kind of reporting brother. These are internal matters. Even if you see these kind of incidents please ignore them and continue reporting elsewhere”.In response to this the angered news reporter relied “you can publicly scrutinize and swear at your Police officers , but we can’t even question you even if we see it happen?”.
Mehedi Hasan than calmed the senior news reporter down and requested him not to publish this news report.

Source: Daily Natun Barta