Two Chattra League Leader Arrested for Abducting Businessman


Raju Ahmed, a buinessman from Torabgonj market under Komol Nagar subdistrict of Lakshmipur district, was abducted by armed criminals. Later the criminals asked for one lakh taka ransom from his family. Two Chattra League (student wing of Awami League) kidnappers were arrested by DB police with the ransom money on Tuesday from Tomij market area of the Lakshmipur city. Raju Ahmed was also rescued. The arrested are – Kamrul Hasan (Shakeel), son of Delwar Hossain of bancanagara village in Sadar subdistrict and Jasim Uddin, son of Delwar Hossain of the same village. The arrested Jasim Udiin and Shakeel claimed in the DB office that they are chattra league activists of municipal office Lakshmipur. Raju Ahmed informed that he is the owner of Rob machineries in Torabgonj market.

After coming to Lakshmipur from Torabgonj market on a business purpose, a couple of people abducted him in a motorcycle by pointing weapons from the hospital area. Later he was kept in an unknown location for four days and severely beaten for one lakh taka ransom money. He phoned his family asking them to rescue him by paying the ransom. After receiving the news, his cousin Alauddin came to Lakshmipur on Tuesday with his family members in collaboration with the police. Later police rescued him and arrested the kidnappers.

A case was filed at the Sadar police station against four people. District Police Officer Abdullah Al Mamun informed journalists that the criminals demanded one lakh taka ransom over phone by holding Raju hostage in an unknown place for four days. When Raju’s cousin Alauddin came to the Tomij market area with the ransom money on Tuesday, police SI Mustafa Anwar and SI Abul bashar, with a team of police officers, arrested two kidnappers named – Kamrul Hasan and Jasim Uddin with the ransom money. The businessman Raju Ahmed was also rescued that time. A case was filed against the kidnappers in Lakshmipur Sadar police station based on kidnapping and extortion charges. He also informed, another operation is underway to arrest the other accused people.

Source: Amar Bangladesh