Tuku Threatens another midnight incident like May 5


Deputy Home Minister Shamsul Huq Tuku has said that if the opposition party creates anarchy in the name of hartal tomorrow, strict measures will be taken against them. He also mentioned that it is important that BNP takes its lessons from Hefazat’s midnight incident immediately.

He said this during a discussion session on Tuesday afternoon. Tuku said that hartal is a democratic right. If the opposition party observes the hartal peacefully they will not be obstructed in any way. However, no attempts to create anarchy will be tolerated. He voiced strong warning against BNP and said that if they try to conspire against the democratic system, BNP will not be able to retain its trace in Bangladesh in the future. Their attempts to overthrow the government has failed. Tuku addressed Khaleda Zia to say that in the future your party will not have any trace because your activities are detrimental for the country and its people. You are trying to destroy the democracy in the country and the trial of the war criminals is being hampered.

Tuku also said that hartal cannot be a democratic action because it is against the interest of the general people. They have also tried to cause sabotage through hartals. He mentioned Tarique Zia who he claims has been hiding in a foreign country in the name of illness. He stated all the corruption conducted by Tarique Zia during his stay in Bangladesh and asked the BNP chairperson to bring him back to the country and face the law.

Source: Tazakhobor