Truth will triumph over falsehood : Kamaruzzaman

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Kamaruzzaman while meeting lawyers at Dhaka Central Jail, said,“Truth will eventually triumph over falsehood” 

Motiur Rahman Akanda

Five of us lawyers met senior Assistant Secretary General of Jamaat e Islami, prominent journalist, intellectual personality Mr. Kamaruzzaman at Dhaka Central Jail where he is held captive, on the 4th of April, Saturday. Mr. Kamaruzzaman gave us the necessary instructions for the review hearing preparation of appellate division on the 5th of April. At the same time he expressed grave concern and anxiety over the current scenario of the country and the government conspiracy regarding the Islamic movement in Bangladesh.

A 35 minute discussion took place with Mr. Kamaruzzaman regarding preparation for the case. He is very strong minded, determined and fully prepared to sacrifice his life for the sake of Allah. This was my fourth meeting with him inside the prison. He looked more lively, determined and confident than any other time I had met him before. We were truly inspired and motivated to witness the uncompromising mentality of brother Kamaruzzaman, who is more usually than not a very soft natured person. We did not notice an ounce of weakness in him, despite him having full knowledge of the government conspiracy to murder him. Besides speaking about the case preparation, he also shared his valuable insight on the government conspiracy to murder and remove him from this world, the continuous cycle of torture, suppression and oppression being inflicted upon the Islamic movement, the ongoing vengeance-filled political condition, the uncertain future of the country, the new generation and overall situation of the country.

1) The verdict of the tribunal has been given based on absolutely false information

In a firm voice, Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, “The government has filed this libelous case with completely false charges of crimes against humanity only for the sake of satisfying and fanning political vengeance. The investigation agency cooked up a politically motivated false, baseless and imaginary story against me, which was submitted to the International Crimes Tribunal. The government used ruling party members to manufacture false witness testimonies for this case. I have no remote connection whatsoever with the allegations which were brought against me. Not only do I have no association whatsoever with the Shohagpur Palli case, I have never even gone to the said area in my whole life. Those who know me well will never be able to claim that they have seen me in that area. The esteemed tribunal has sentenced me to death based on wrong information and false witness testimonies staged by the government. I had appealed to the Supreme Court after being deprived of justice at the tribunal. The esteemed appellate division sentenced me based on verdict of the majority. I have carefully read the full verdict of the Appellate Division. And it clearly appeared to me that there are many mistakes in the verdict given against me. I hope in the review hearing Appeal Division will rectify the mistakes and ensure justice.”

2) Honorable court will accept my statement and I will be acquitted insha’Allah

Mr. Kamaruzzaman gave necessary instruction for the review petition hearing of Appeal Division and said “We have to give logic in favor of truth based on information, data and the available evidence.” Instructing the lawyers to take required steps, he said, “If the Appellate division ensures justice, I will be acquitted and return back to the people insha’Allah.”

3) Truth will triumph over falsehood

Citing references from Surah Ambia, Surah Saff, Surah Anfal, Surah Baqara, and Surah Al-Imran of the holy Quran, Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, “Almighty Allah has stated clearly in these various suras of the Quran, ‘He will verily annihilate falsehood with truth.’ This declaration of Allah (S.W.T) will obviously be realized.” He further added, “Allah will establish truth with truth itself. Truth cannot be established with falsehood and half-truths. The journey of truth can never be obstructed with attacks from falsehood. On the contrary, truth only becomes stronger with every attack of falsehood and deceit. The soldiers of truth should keep in mind that bending down to falsehood will never lead to the establishment of the truth.” He also added, “I strongly believe that falsehood will torn apart to pieces and destroyed in the face of truth.”

4) Conspiracy of plotters will never be successful

Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, “The conspiracy of the current government to murder the leaders of Jamaat e Islami and to impede the journey of the Islamic movement will never be successful. An ideological movement can never be ended through the martyrdom and crippling of some people. Those who torture and oppress people and murder them to cling on to power, are bound to face nothing but obliteration as a consequence. The people of Bangladesh today are being persecuted and oppressed. The characters of Islamic personalities are being defamed at will. Islamic scholars, Pirs and mashayekhs are being insulted. The movement to achieve the rights of people is being obstructed though the phenomena of mass arrest, murder, kidnapping and enforced disappearances in order to force a halt down. In light of the torture and persecution, it can be clearly stated that this oppressive ruler will not be spared in any condition. They should take lessons from the past. No dictator government of the past was able to save themselves. Annihilation is the final outcome of the tyrants.”

5) Islam will be triumphant in Bangladesh one day

Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, “There is no such area in Bangladesh left where the blood of Islamic movement activists has not being shed. The blood of the movement activists cannot and will not go in vain.” Hailing the youth facing imprisonment for their role in the movement, he said, “Their sacrifices will never go in vain. It is under the leadership of these very youth that Islam will become established in Bangladesh. Nobody has the power to impede the way of Allah’s Deen on this land. This is the country of people like Shah Jalal, Shah Makhdum, Shah Poran and other Auliya (devout religious personalities). In their spirit will all people of this country find inspiration. People will rise and will stand up against the evil powers scheming against Islam. The future of Bangladesh is nothing but Islam. Allah’s Deen will insha’Allah gain victory on this soil.”

6) Final decision lies in the hands of Allah

Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, “I firmly believe, no one dies without the command of Allah. This world is not the place for the evaluation of successes and failures of this life. It will be evaluated at the court of Akhirah (Day of Judgement). On that day, Allah alone will be the Judge. He alone is the greatest judge. Nobody will be deprived from justice on that day. No oppressor will be spared on that day. I am not worried the least about how I will die. Because I will die in the manner that Allah wishes.” He further said, ‘On November 3rd 2014, the erstwhile Law minister had instructed the jail authority to take preparations for hanging me to death. But that had been the decision of the Almighty Allah. Therefore the Law minister was unable to accomplish his plot. Five months have passed since then. Allah has let me live. So I will live as long as Allah wishes. The decision of life and death rests solely with Allah. Therefore I have complete belief and trust upon Allah’s decision.”

7) I am ready for the death of a martyr

Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, “I strongly believe nobody can kill me as long as Allah wants me to live in this world. And the day when Allah will wish to take me out of this earth, no power will be able to hold me back. It is a matter of great honor to be able to sacrifice this life for the cause of the truth. Allah has mentioned the honor of the Shaheed (martyr) as being the greatest honor after that of the Rusul and the Prophets. Shahada (Martyrdom) makes a man’s life glorious and magnificent. Death as a Shaheed makes one’s life successful. It guarantees a person Jannah. I am eager to embrace that death which has been guaranteed Jannah. I am not in the least worried about it.”

8) I have always worked for the welfare of the country

Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, ‘I have always worked my best to make Bangladesh a peaceful and prosperous country. I tried to utilize my merit and qualifications to establish voting rights and institutionalize democracy. I have never had any direct or indirect role to create any untoward situation in the country through any shady or mischievous means. I believe that this nation can reach its aspired destination through orderly regulation and proper institutionalization.

During the anti-autocratic movement of the 90’s and the movement for institution of the caretaker government system, I had a number of meetings with the current government Prime Minister, ministers of government and many Members of Parliament. I wasn’t considered as a war criminal back then. The phenomenon of the upsurge and expansion of Jamaat-e-Islami in the country has made them terrified, culminating in the present government wanting to remove me from this world through convicting and branding me as a war criminal. Herein lies the indication of defeat of this government. My beloved countrymen will one day surely appreciate the role I have played for this country.”

9) Love for Allah and accountability to Him is the pivotal force behind this movement

Addressing the activists of the Islamic movement, brother Kamaruzzaman said, ‘This movement is only for the sake of the pleasure of Allah. If there is any notion of being accountable to others besides being accountable to Allah, then one will be unable to carry out one’s due role in the movement. I want to say to all the brothers and activists of the Islamic movement in Bangladesh that the glorious ideology of Islam broadens the soul and heart of a man. It improves the spiritual state of one’s mind and and enhances one’s intelligence. There is no place for narrow minded and envious people in the Islamic movement. As long as the people of this movement work to achieve its goals with love for Allah and the mentality of being accountable to Allah alone, no evil power in this world will be able to defeat them.

The ideological spirit, moral values and exemplary behavior of the activists of Jamaat-e-Islami has created hope among the people of the country. The hearts of the people should be won with character, good deeds and moral excellence. Qualified people should be properly evaluated. Priorities should be given to counsel based work and a mentality to work with the success in life after death in mind. The Quran is the main guidance point and pivotal force of this movement. We should take our lessons from there.”

10) I convey my Salam and ask for Dua to my countrymen

Mentioning the activists of Islamic movement from Bangladesh and other parts of the world, Mr. Kamaruzzaman said, ‘Wherever I have gone activists of the Islamic movement have embraced me with love from the deepest corners of their hearts. Countrymen have staged powerful ongoing protests to call for my freedom since my arrest at the hands of this government. I am perpetually indebted to the younger generation for the special role they have played in this regard. I believe all of our efforts are only for Allah. And surely one day Allah will give us our just rewards. I convey my Salaam and ask for du’a to all the activists who are living in Bangladesh and abroad. May Allah grant me the strength to fight and remain uncompromising in my stance against falsehood. May I remain till the last moment of my life steadfast and unwavering on Allah’s path. May Allah (S.W.T) accept all of us as His guests in Jannah. Ameen

Source: Post by Matiur Rahman Akanda, member of Defence Team