Tropical Cyclone Mahasen stalks Bay of Bengal basin

May 11, 2013

The deep depression in Southeast Bay of Bengal has intensified into a tropical cyclone Mahasen this morning.

It lays 350 km southwest of Car Nicobar; 1,030 km east-southeast of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka; 1,300 km southeast of Chennai; and 1,700 km South of Chittagong in Bangladesh.

It is expected to become a severe cyclone later by tomorrow and move northwestwards before re-curving northeast towards Bangladesh-Myanmar coast.

Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre in New Delhi saw Mahasen intensifying further into a very severe cyclonic storm by Monday.

It is expected to make a landfall by Wednesday/Thursday, and gives enough window to undergo intensification still further.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Centre of the US Navy sees ‘Mahasen’ racheting up wind speeds to 157 km/hr gusting to 185 km/hr just before it makes a landfall. The US agency chose Chittagong in East Bangladesh as the likely landfall area.

Meanwhile, National Atmospheric and Space Administration of the US has said that entire Northeast India, West Bengal and Odisha; parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and North Andhra Pradesh could witness high winds and heavy rain as Mahasen drives its way in.

A passing western disturbance across Northwest and East India would yank away Mahasen and spare India’s coast from a direct hit.

After re-curving from North Bay of Bengal, it is shown roaring its way east-northeast just to the south of Gangetic West Bengal before making a landfall.

Source: The Hindu Business Line