Translation of video: injured witness interview




-Where is your home?
-Mymensing (district of Bangladesh)
-When did you get injured?
-Around 3am, they were shooting rampantly, like rain, such violent shooting Allah!
-Where did you get injured?
-Both my legs, but the right leg is severely wounded.
-Now how are you feeling?
-My right leg’s condition is very bad. I cannot even move it now. No way I can move it. I try to move it by all strength in my body, but it does not move. If some one assists me then I can move slightly, otherwise no way.
-Brother, what is your name?
-Mohammad Abdul Jabbar
-Where did you come from?
-Taragandha area, Mymensing.
-Were Chatra League (pro government youth group) involved in attacking?
-Those police were unkind, collaborated, Such sort of attack!! They fired bullets like rain on thousands of people, and how many people died there is no count for that. We skipped inside a narrow alley, so narrow an alley, still they fired us so vigorously, it is unexplainable.
-Approximately how many people died?
-No one can tell that. It was a gathering of millions of people. They just keep shooting on us. They evacuated us by shooting. Nothing but bullets!! I heard at east 2500 people died.
-You heard now?
-Yes, just now I heard. Allah knows better.
-Okay many people got killed right, where are the dead bodies then?
-Where have they taken those dead bodies we cannot tell.nobody can tell what they have done with it.
Some people are saying that they took dead bodies on garbage van?
-This is not impossible. I haven’t seen because I was inside the alley. I was stuck inside that till fajr. That time a brother from Rajbari, he brought me to this hospital. I couldn’t move or do anything. He was the one helped.
Were you conscious the whole time?
-Yes, yes. I had full sense. By Allah mercy I was conscious.
-So haven’t you seen how they removed the dead bodies?
-No. I was stuck inside.
-How about the leaders on the stage?
-Everyone got injured. No one was spared.


Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page