Time-Line of Professor Ghulam Azam’s Case in crimes against humanity


July 14th, 2013

  1.  Investigation Started on 1st August 2010
  2.  Investigation Report submitted on 31st October 2011
  3.  Formal Charge was submitted by the Chief Prosecutor on 12 December 2011
  4.  Date fixed to take cognizance on 26th December 2011
  5.  Tribunal returned formal charge to submit in proper form on 26th December 2011
  6.  Resubmission of Formal Charge on 5th January 2012
  7.  Cognizance against PGA has been taken on 9th January 2012
  8.  Being rejected bail application PGA was sent to jail custody on 11th January 2012
  9.  Charge was framed on 13th May 2012
  10.  Opening statement was read out on 10th June 2012
  11.  Defense Documents and Defense Witnesses list submitted on 1st July 2012
  12.  Deposition of PW-1 Mustasir Uddin Khan Mamun started and finished between 1st July and 5th July and 25th September 2012. (total 5 days)
  13.  Deposition of PW-2 Mahbub Uddin Ahmed BirBikrom started and finished between 15th, 29th& 31st July 2012. (total 3 days)
  14.  Deposition of PW-3 Sultana Kamal started and finished between 10th,11th, 12th& 13th of September 2012. (total 4 days)
  15.  Deposition of PW-4 Md. Azab Uddin Miastarted and finished between16th,17th,18th, 19th& 20th September 2012. (total 5 days)
  16.  Deposition of PW-5, Salina Afrozstarted and finished between 23rd& 24th September 2012. (total 2 days)
  17.  Deposition of PW-6, KaziAyub Hossain started and finished between 23rd and 24th September 2012. (total 2 days)
  18.  Deposition of PW-7, Dr. Munia Islam Chowdhury started and finished on 24th September 2012
  19.  Deposition of PW-8, Dr. Swapon Kumar Biswas started and finished on 24th September 2012
  20.  Deposition of PW-9, S.I Aminul Islam started and finished on 24th September 2012
  21.  Deposition of PW-10, Md. Jaminur Sheikh started and finished on 26th September 2012
  22. Deposition of PW-11, Shafiuddinstarted and finished on Ahmed, 26th September 2012
  23. Deposition of PW-12, Sona Mia started and finished on 27th September 2012
  24. Deposition of PW-13, Anwara Begum, started on 30th Sep &finished on 1st October 2012. (total 2 days)
  25. Deposition of PW-14, Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul started and finished on 4th October 2012
  26. Deposition of PW-15, Shaikh FaridAlamstarted and finished on 4th October 2012
  27. Deposition of PW-16, Motiur Rahman (IO) started and finished between 7th -11th,14th, 22nd, 30th, 31st of October, 1st and 4th November 2012. (total 11 days)
    In Short: Prosecution took total 38 days to complete deposition of 16 witnesses.
  28.  Deposition of DW-1, Abdullahil Man Azmistarted and finished between 12th, 13th , 18th 19th , 20th , 21st , 22nd November 2012, 8th , 9th January , 3rd . 4th,7th,10th, 11th February 2013.
    In Short: Defence took 14 days to complete deposition of DW-1.
  29. Prosecution argued on 17th , 18th , 19th , 20th , 24th , 25th , 26th February, 3rd& 4th March 2013 and finished on 17th April 2013.
    In Short: Prosecution took 10 days to complete its argument.
  30. Defense argued on 10th ,11th ,13th , 14th , 21st, 31st of March, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 15th April 2013 (on 17th April 2013 Defence gave a short reply for 20 Minutes with the permission of the Tribunal).
  31. On 17th April after hearing both the side’s court said that we are keeping this case for CAV (curia advisari vult- case awaiting for verdict).
    In Short: Defence took 11 days to finish its argument

Source: BD Chronicle