Three opposition activists shot dead by police in single day


06 February 2015

As criticism over extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh rises, 3 more members and leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami and Chatra Shibir, hailing from Rajshahi University, Jessore, Shatkira and Comilla have been killed in the so-called-gunfights with police in a single day.

Rajshahi University Shibir Leader Killed

Shibir leader Shahabuddin Ripon was killed during the late hours of Thursday night in Katakhali Bazar near Rajshahi University. He was the Information Secretary of Rajshahi unit Chhatra Shibir and a student of Masters in Crop Science in the University.

The Publicity Secretary of Shibir Rajshahi University, Farhad Reza, informed that at around 9:45 PM on Thursday night, Shahabuddin, along with President of Binodpur Boarding Unit, Mofizur Rahman and President of Shahid Habibur Rahman Hall were taken away by Motihar Station Police as they riding beside Katakhali Bazar on a motorbike. “When we tried to ask about their whereabouts, the police denied having arrested them. Later at around 2:30 AM after midnight, the police brought the three to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. Shahabuddin was already shot dead by that time and the other two were critically injured with bullet wounds,” informed Farhad. All three were university students, he said.

When asked about the incident – the acting OC of Motihar police station, Alamgir Hossain, said they had allegedly hurled cocktails at the police while passing by Katkhali and also allegedly beat a police constable named Mahboob from behind with an iron rod. Police had fired in retaliation, informed the OC.

Statement from Chhatra Shibir

The Central President Abdul Jabbar and Secretary General Atiqur Rahman have denied the accusations of the police in a statement circulated. They claim the whole thing was pre-planned and that police had detained and shot the three members in cold blood.

The statement as follows – “The nation is horrified at the way the police have taken away these meritorious students and have shot them in cold blood, proving the inhumane nature of the police force. Words to condemn this barbaric instance of planned and inhumane state terrorism have failed us.” The statement called for better treatment and release of the ones injured and arrest of the ones responsible for killing. They also asked the Government to retract from all undemocratic and unlawful conduct.

Chaddagram Upazila Shibir President killed

Chaddagram Upazila Shibir President, Shahabuddin Patwary, was another victim killed in a so-called gunfight with the police in Comilla. The Police Superintendent of Comilla, Tutul Chakrabarty, confirmed the veracity of the incident.

Sources from the Emergency Unit at Comilla Medical College said – ‘Late at midnight, a dead body was brought into the morgue.’ But no further details could be fetched. The deceased hails from Chandiskara of Chaddagram Pouroshobha, Comilla.

The Detective Branch of police arrested Shahabuddin at 5 pm while he was returning home from tuition classes. The police had at first denied to have known anything about the whereabouts of Shahabuddin. His elder sister, Anjuman Ara, had earlier given a statement expressing concern about the security of her brother’s life.

Jamaat member killed in Jessore

Shahidul Islam, a Jamaat-e-Islami member, was also killed in a so-called instance of gunfight with the police in Ramnagar near Jessore-Khulna Highway.

Jessore Additional Police Superintendent, Ariful Haque, confirmed that this happened during the very early hours of Friday at 2:30 am. According to the official, police had charged a white microbus, from where shots and bombs were subsequently hurled from inside at the law enforcers, forcing them to shoot back. Shahidul Islam was allegedly killed during this exchange. When taken to Jessore Medical College, the doctors declared him dead. According to the police, Shahidul Islam was a member of Shibir once and later joined Jamaat.

Ariful Haque also said that Shahidul Islam along with Abdul Majid had escaped from the police station in the afternoon on Thursday. A case had been filed in Jessore Court regarding this. The investigating officer of the case confirmed that the same Shahidul Islam was killed during the same night in the ‘gunfight’. According to the police 5 bombs and several bullet shells were recovered from the scene. They also said there were five cases against him – including of murder and arson.

The deceased Shahidul islam was from Kashimpur village of Shatkhira and was a businessman. His father is Late Nur Ali.

Source: BD Today