Three Jubo League Activists Caught Vandalising Vehicles While Chanting BNP/Jamaat Slogans

juboleage caught 31.10.13

3 Juboleague activists were caught vandalising vehicles while pretending to be BNP and Jamaat supporters protesting.

Chittagong: 2 Juboleague members were caught by local civilians while they were vandalising and hijacking near the Dhaka Chittagong highway in Sitakonde. 
On Wednesday afternoon they were set free after they swore in the presence of respected personnel’s of the area that they will not do such crime again. 
According to a local source, after the day long strike on Tuesday night around 7/8 criminals were seen around the Dhaka-Chittagong main highway, above the Barboku bridge and at the mouth of the Siraj Vuiya road of vandalising various vehicles and burning down 20/25 cars, hijacking and looting goods and money from passengers and snatching away their mobile phones.
The criminals were chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and various pro BNP/Jamat slogans while carrying out these atrocities. 
Amongst those who were severely injured from their vandalised microbus was Najifa (11), Momtaz Begum (38), Monir Uddin (18), Mohiuddin (38), Mestaq Ullah (32) and others. They’re money and mobile phones were hijacked by the mobs. 
Local civilians came running to the scene when they heard the screaming of passengers in their vehicle, they managed to catch the 3 perpetrators whose name was Suvas Das (18), Sobuj Das (22) and Shahin (19).
After they were caught they admitted they were Juboleague members and carried out these crimes under the order of Jamshed Uddin from Mahmudabad Village, the Former President of Juboleague at the Sitaku Degree College. They were told to vandalise and take money from people. Part of their group was the runaway Juboleague members; Fakirhat Alauddin, Alamgir and Hossain. 
When asked why Jamshed had ordered them to do this, they responded by saying that BNP/Jamat Supporters vandalised Jamsheds shop on the 25th of October. Therefore as revenge they were told to carry out destruction by chanting BNP/Jamat slogans and get them blamed for it as well. 
When Jamshed was questioned regarding this incident he denied the whole thing. He said that this was a lie BNP/Jamat had spread against him and denied knowing any of the detained criminals.
After the three attackers were detained by civilians on Wednesday at Sitaku, OC Mahbubul Alam of Sitaku district arrived at the scene to interrogate the detainees. When the civilians tried to hand them over to the police they left without arrested them after knowing they were members of the Juboleague party. 
On Wednesday afternoon the detainees were set free after they swore in front of the village elites and personnel’s they will not do such crime again.

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