Three Chattra Shibir leaders arrested in Rajshahi; concerns raised over custodial torture or extrajudicial execution


President of Rajshahi City Branch of Islami Chhatra Shibir, Dr. Anowar Hossain, Secretary Nafis Raiyan and Social Welfare Secretary Sayed Amin Mulhim were arrested by police tonight from Paba College Circle, Rajshahi.

Sources have said that police had subsequently begun staging continuous raids throughout the town with information extracted from them.

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The three were arrested on Monday night at around 9:30 pm from Upokontho Poba College intersection area of the city. Shah Makhdoom police station Officer in Charge (OC), Mizanur Rahman Khan, confirmed the arrests. He further informed that the three would be taken in for questioning, after which the police would conduct raids throughout the city based on the information obtained.

He also informed that several others had been arrested in the meantime, stating that he would brief media after the end of the security operation.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about the probability of the use of torture among other interrogation methods by police during questioning, more so in light of the fact that the arrestees are opposition activists. Serious concerns have also being raised about the probability of extrajudicial executions under the guise of crossfire. It is mentionable that extrajudicial executions in police custody in the name of “crossfire” or “gunfight” killings have seen a spike in recent weeks. More than 29 opposition people, mostly students, have been killed in this manner since January 5 2015.