They’re talking like politicians”: 20-party slates comments of IGP, Rab chief


The BNP-led 20-party alliance yesterday criticised the chiefs of police, Rab and BGB for their “audacious” comments and said they would have been brought to book if a government by the people were in place.

While exchanging views at Mithapukur in Rangpur on Friday, Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Haque came down heavily on BNP chief Khaled Zia for “making the mistake” of not taking part in the January 5, 2014 election.

He lambasted the alliance saying it had seized schools, colleges and madrasas and had burnt those to stop the national election.

“You [BNP-led alliance] had killed people, presiding officers and had prevented people from voting. Why? You have made the mistake. Why will people pay? What can people expect from the chief of a political party [BNP] if she herself indulges in illegal activities,” the police boss said.

At the same programme, Rab boss Benazir Ahmed had said the next election would be held as per schedule (in 2019) and people would exercise their right to vote.

BGB Director General Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed on Thursday had said the paramilitary force deployed to maintain law and order would use “lethal weapons” if the force or the people came under attack.

Signed by BNP Vice-Chairman Selima Rahman, the statement of the alliance said, “Extremely partisan people have been posted at the topmost level of law enforcement agencies and they barely follow their jurisdiction and service rules.”

It said the IGP and the Rab DG had made statements like politicians at Mithapukur. “They threatened people and the opposition and warned them of dire consequences for waging movement against the government. They even commented on when the next election will be held.”

The statement said the BGB chief had threatened supporters of the anti-government movement the same way.

“Such instances are unimaginable in a civilised, independent and democratic country.” The alliance deplores such audacious and biased behaviour of the government employees, it said.

It asked officials of law enforcement, who have the desire for undue benefits and are ambitious, to quit their jobs and join politics. It said officials under them were not obliged to follow their illegal orders and instructions.

“You [law enforcers] will remain beside the people against the real criminals and will discharge your duties lawfully.”

Mentioning the seven murders of last year in Narayanganj allegedly by Rab members, the statement said instead of restoring the force’s image, the new Rab DG has made himself controversial.

The alliance welcomed the UN Human Rights Commission’s statement issued on Friday that called on the government to make sure that its measures taken to restore law and order were in line with the international human rights law, including respect for the freedom of peaceful assembly, movement and speech.

The alliance expressed doubt whether the “non-representative government” and the partisan state organs, including law enforcement agencies, would be able to carry out neutral and effective investigation into the ongoing violence.

Source: The Daily Star