There has been no extrajudicial killings, only “accidents” – Says the Home Minister


Claiming that there has been no extrajudicial killing in the country, State Minister for Home Affairs Asaduzzaman Khan on Sunday said a few people might have been accidentally in the joint forces’ operation launched to hunt down listed criminals.

“No extrajudicial killing has taken place in the country. On many occasions criminals made attacks on law enforcers during their operation launched to arrest criminals. The law enforcers sometimes fired blank shots in the air in self-defense when some might have been victims accidentally,” he told UNB over phone on Sunday.

“But, the government is not carrying out any judicial killing by itself,” he added.

Earlier, at a programme held at the Jatiya Press Club in the city, the junior minister rejected the incident of any forced disappearance saying that criminals have gone into hiding fearing the operation carried out by the joint forces.

“The leaders and activists of 19-party went into hiding when the joint forces carried out operation in Satkhira. We have nothing to say if anyone termed it a forced disappearance.”

Reaffirming the government’s determination to tackle anarchy during the hartal hours, the new home boss said the government will take stern actions in this regard.

At a press conference on February 4, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia alleged that around 300 members of 19-party alliance have either been killed or made disappeared in last one month, accusing the government of turning the law enforcement agencies into “killer forces”.



Source: BD Chronicle