Hindu temple in Bhola attacked by Awami League leaders

bhola temple vandal

A temple in Lalmohan, Bhola was vandalized and idols destroyed by Awami League leader Ali Bepari of Lord Hardinge Union and his gang. Four people including women were injured in the process.

According to pundit Kiron Chandra Das there was an argument between Awami League General Editor’s son Siraj and Jhorna Rani Das around noon about a cow entering the temple. Siraj left after the pundit interfered, but returned after half an hour with a gang of attackers – Mosaref, Mobarak, Riaz, Sanaullah, Lokman, Kamrul led by Awami League leader Ali Bepari. They destroyed the idols and injured Kiron Chandra Das, Jhorna Rani Das, Birongi Baishya and Bobita Rani when they tried to resist. Nearby residents took the injured to hospital.

Bhola’s Communist Party President, Mobashher Ullah Chowdhury, has condemned the incident saying the Hindu community of Lalmohan have suffered in recent times due to Awami League leaders. He called for the immediate arrest and punishment of the wrongdoers. OC of Lalmohan thana, Mizanur Rahman, informed that three people including Ali Bepari’s two sons have been arrested in this case so far. Police are also after Ali Bapari himself.

Article translated from: Manabzamin

Image from: Daily Star