“Stone Girl” Advocate Apu!

Awami Advocate Apu with Stones

During cricket, football, or even lawn tennis one can spot ball girls or ball boys. Their job is to gather balls that goes out of the field. We saw similar role played by Advocate Apu. She is a parliamentary member of the ruling party, Awami League. The difference is that instead of a ball girl, she is rather a “stone girl”. She was gathering stones for other female members of her group, which was being used to throw at the opponents. This propagation of violent criminality was being conducted on the premises of Supreme Court. At the same time, Apu was seen busy on the phone. The camera captured the image of Apu gathering stones. It is also seen how Apu is passing stones to her female co-attackers. 

She was also captured breaking large bricks into smaller pieces by throwing it on the concrete street. In the parliament she has been proving her ‘merit’ over and over with her words only. In talk shows, she has shown competency in arguments. Now with her signature image on the street, she has shown yet another great qualification.

Translated from Bangla News 24

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