Statues stolen from Buddhist monastery in Barguna; Chhatra League leader arrested


Police arrested a Chhatra league leader on charges of stealing statues from a Buddhist monastery. The arrested Chhatra League leader, Imtiaz Emon, is the General Secretary of Taltoli upazila Chhatra League in Barguna. He was arrested on charges of stealing two statues of the Buddha from the Buddhist monastery at Taltoli in Barguna city.

The accused was arrested at 12 pm on Thursday afternoon from the Pharmacy shops section of Barguna city.

Police said that miscreants had stolen two statues of Gautam Buddha made of white stone on the night of the 22nd of July from the Buddhist monastery at Taltoli. After the incident, Khemongla, the secretary of the monastery, filed a case at Taltoli police station.

Police arrested two persons named Ali and Dulal in connection with the robbery, after which Emon was subsequently arrested by police based on the testimony provided by the two.

Babul Akhtar, the Officer in Charge of Taltoli police station, confirmed the news.

Source: RTNN