Statement of Khaleda Zia on post Sayedee verdict state state violence

khaleda zia

I am shocked. I am angry. I am lost for words of condemnation and protest. A mass killing is again taking place in our country. Mass killings of people are going on like shooting of birds. The government has started a mass killing. Blood is being shed by the nails of fascists taking lives of peaceful unarmed citizens. The old, the children, the simple housewives, no one is protected from such atrocious massacres. It seems that some foreign aggressor has started a festival of cannibalistic mass killings. It is beyond our imagination that a government can unleash such mass killings on its own citizens. We freed our motherland in 1971 by standing firm against such mass killings. In this independent country, we cannot accept that any government at any time will carry out mass killings under any excuse. I am calling to stop this mass killings right at this moment. I want to warn the govt that the consequence of this will be serious. I call upon the police, the army and every member of the law enforcement agencies that, do not use the arms/guns that have been purchased by the public money, mercilessly/unjustifiably on the people. Your holy duty is to protect the lives and properties of the people, not to take their lives unjustifiably. Do not turn to be murderers of the people only to obey unlawful orders of a govt that has no public support. Instead, I call upon you to stand by the people to protect their natural, human and democratic rights.

I pray for forgiveness for the souls of those who have lost their lives in serious clashes during the last few days. I send deep condolences to their relatives. I call upon the people to raise their voice for justice against such cruel killings. I declare my solidarity with the people in their struggle against the fascism (govt). We believe that, only through establishing the people’s rights and democracy, we can free ourselves from this govt-created chaos.

Dear Journalist Friends,

The nation today is in deep crisis. Such dangerous crisis has never happened since the Independence. The whole nation has been divided today. In a planned way, they have turned the faith of the majority of the people, Islam, and our great independence, into opposing sides facing each other. The people of Bangladesh are lovers of the Independence. Similarly, they are religious, too. They do not tolerate any attack on either the Independence or the religion. There is no division between Islam and the Independence. However, a certain corrupt group has created blasphemous conspiracies against Allah, the holy prophet and Islam, all in the name of establishing the spirit of the Independence. This has deeply hurt the religious sentiment of the people of the whole country. Sadly, when the people staged peaceful protests against this, the govt has carried out cruel massacre against them. Not only that, these peaceful people were labelled as anti-independence, war criminals and collaborators, and serious oppression has been unleashed on them. The criminals loyal to the ruling party have tortured them even inside the mosques. Young kids were captured from the protests and they were shot at point blank range. The eyes of many of them were gouged out. Even housewives were shot and killed while inside their own houses. The thugs of the ruling party openly took part in these atrocities alongside the law enforcement agencies. They were motivated to carry out these acts by the top echelon of the ruling party. The govt has not taken any steps towards investigating, stopping or trying a single one of these killings.

On the other hand, the govt has provided support and motivation to a (loyal) group to stage provocative and unlawful acts. They are regularly spreading hatred. They are implanting divisions and conflicts in the national life. They are threatening honourable people calling out their names, threatening to shut down newspapers and TV channels critical of the govt, putting pressure to arrest the oppressed and brave editor, Mahmudur Rahman, calling on their members to catch and slaughter any one with a different opinion, instigating attacks on and ransacking various banks, insurance, hospitals, businesses and educational institutions. Those who are leading the national life, economy and security, towards chaos with such atrocities are being fuelled and sponsored by the govt, instead of being stopped. Government ministers expressed solidarity with this group by visiting them.

Dear Journalists,

The current govt has completely ruined the independence of judiciary. There is no chance of fair justice for a wronged person oppressed by the govt or state agencies in this country. The same applies to the trials for the crimes against humanity. We have repeatedly said that we want justice against the crimes against humanity. This process must be transparent and in compliance with the international standards. We are against any political vendetta in the name of justice. You all know that, questions have been raised regarding the trial process and the tribunals, both at home and in international arena. For this reason, we have repeatedly warned the government that any questionable trial will divide the nation instead of unifying it. Therefore, it was essential to build a national consensus regarding this issue. But the government has never listend to us, neither it has discussed with anyone about it. On the contrary, the government has labelled as anti-independence and anti-justice, whoever has made any suggestions to correct the flaws (in the trial process) or to ensure a fair justice. Everything in these trials, formation of the tribunals, appointment of the judges, formation of the prosecution, conducting the investigations, appointment of the lawyers, were done by the government itself. However, when some protests were organised against one verdict, the government has expressed its solidarity with these protests too. When the protesters at Shahbag demanded capital punishments against every accused at the trials, the Prime Minister not only declared her support while speaking at the parliament, but also called on the judges to take into considerations these demands of the protesters when passing on their verdicts. This is unprecedented in any democratic and civilised country. This ends any remaining hope for fair trials. In such a situation, it was impossible for any judges to conduct trials and deliver verdicts impartially and independently. Any verdict from this tribunal will be questionable.

We want to say it clear that the govt has ruined the judiciary system completely. Not only that, they have created an atmosphere of dangerous conflict and collision by dividing the nation. Every single citizen today is worried and concerned. Everyone’s security today is threatened. This disunity and conflict has put our national security under risks, too. This govt must take the full responsibility for such dangerous and explosive situation. This govt has lost all legitimacy to stay in power, by supporting the protest-pressure on the trials, by dividing the nation and pushing them towards conflict, and by carrying out massacre of its own people. The country will slide into more dangerous chaos/collapse if they stay in power for any longer. Therefore, we are demanding the immediate resignation of this blood-thirsty murderous regime. In a despicable attempt to divert the lawful democratic movement of the people, the govt has resorted to destroy communal harmony and peace by attacking on the properties of the religious minorities in a planned way. For the same reason they attacked on the peaceful Buddhists of the country. I advise the govt to refrain from such suicidal conspiracy. I call upon the countrymen to stay alert of any such heinous attempt of destroying communal harmony. I call upon those working in the media that, as you played a vocal part in the past for the Independence, democracy and protection of human rights, at this critical time of the nation, to take part in this current democratic struggle of the people by publishing and spreading their real (legitimate) demands.

We are for peace. We are against fighting, conflicts and riots. We are for justice and democracy. Our firm position is for ensuring the safety and security of every citizen regardless of party or opinion. Therefore, as the govt is leading the country towards a dangerous situation, and as it is committing massacres, then as the largest and responsible political party of the country, we cannot remain silent spectators. I call upon all peace loving people of the whole country to become aware and vocal against the despicable and anti-public actions of this govt. I call upon you to maintain/preserve the national unity and harmony. I call upon the countrymen to take to the streets at this crucial moment. Tomorrow, there will be a protest rally in front of the BNP head office at NayaPaltan at 3 pm…

To protest against the corruption, misrule, injustice, oppression and massacre, I call upon the countrymen to observe a nationwide general strike on the 5th of March. I want to tell the govt that, do not try to create any obstacles against people’s peaceful protests. I want to say that, no more shooting at the public. If you go on the path of oppression, then we will build solid opposition/rebellion against you with the support of the people.

Dear Journalist Friends,

You all know that this govt is a failed govt. They have broken their own past records of incompetence, crimes and atrocities. They have become completely isolated from the public. They are trying to hide the real public sentiment by using the media with mischievous tactics. But they themselves are aware of the real situation. That’s why they wish to return to power by conducting a rigged election while they are in power. To divert the demand for free and fair elections under neutral and impartial government, with the dishonest aim of covering their failures and corruption, they are pushing the country towards serious uncertainty and instability. We cannot let our motherland and our blood-worth democracy be destroyed like this. Therefore, people from all religions and ideologies, and people of the plains and the hillsides, all democracy loving citizens, all people regardless of your faith, ideology, class or profession, please come and SAVE THE COUNTRY, SAVE THE PEOPLE! Please come and protect the fruit of the Independence, the democracy, by defeating the fascism. Let’s protect people’s lives and properties, and respect religious sentiments of the people. Let’s ensure the national unity, sovereignty, peace and security.

Thank you all. Allah Hafez, Bangladesh – Zindabad!

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook page