Statement of an observer in ‪‎Dhaka‬: missing people, transporting of bodies and bloodied people

hefazat 5may dead

“I Contacted relatives at my maternal village of Kanakshar at Munshigonj. My aunt informed me that 5 madrassah students from Kanakshar have been killed at the massacre at Motijheel in Dhaka. Their relatives have not received any information of the corpses of the killed students. They belong to various Qaumi madrassahs at Kanakshar, especially from the Qaumi Madrassah at Kanakshar Bazaar. The five students were not among those arrested either. Plus I have personally seen at least two mini trucks carrying 2-3 bodies along with ten to fourteen Hefazat (they still had their Hefazat head bands on their heads) men in each. They were going back to their destinations outside Dhaka. They had torn and bloodied clothes. This I saw while crossing Shahjalal International airport road.”


Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page