Statement from son of Maulana Sayedee, Masood Sayedee.

Masood Sayedee

Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulillah. We (5 family members) meet abba today. Although all special facilities (as an ex MP) has been withdrawn, he has been sent to the isolated condemn cell which is a 8′ x 8′ room including toilet & bath, no wider space to pray, he is wearing the jail dress & is not allowed to wear his traditional cap, inspite of all these he looks fine & we found him mentally very STRONG. He said that he wishes to perform Umrah with the whole family in near the future inshaallah & he is always praying for that.

He also said, ‘Who knows better than Allah that I’m not guilty, Allah is my witness and I completely rely on him. Allah will not tolerate this JULM, Allah will not let the truth get buried by the atheist supported secular government. NASRUMMINALLAHI WAFATHUN QAREEB.’

He said, not to worry, this is the right path of the Islamic Movement. He has narrated some prophets’ history, how they were been tortured by Kufr. Compare to that this is nothing. He said, he is prepared to accept any decision that comes from Allah. Only that will happen which Allah wishes.

He also added, if the supreme court gives the same verdict, then family or IM strictly NOT to seek forgiveness or beg life to the President .

He also passed salam & gratitude to all IM, Islam loving people around the world as well as praying for the SHAHEEDS & their families.

He said many more ……………….

Masood Sayedee (Son)

Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page