Statement from Mahmudur Rahman, Editor of Amar Desh, on possibe arrest

mahmudur rahman

Dear readers
I put forward to you a courteous question “What is my crime?” All my life in all aspects, I have tried to fulfill my responsibilities with honesty. I did not aspire to be a robbing capitalist as I had no desire for wealth. I have worked as a civil servant for five long years, serving the interests of the government and the people. Entering media in the final years of my life, I have taken an active voice against the Coalition Government’s anti-public policies, tyranny, corruption, human rights abuse and the politicization of the justice system. As a deeply faithful person, I could not bear the terrible insults to our Prophet (s) and Islam- the religion of peace and equality. I tried to portray the true face of these anti Islamic, atheistic and blasphemous characters to the nation. I protested in January 2011 when the undemocratic, India-loyal government took power. My actions have always served the nation and its people. Nonetheless, the government-in-power has subjected me to intolerable persecution over the past four years. I have held onto my religious conviction and refused to compromise with the ruling class of the foreign agents. The patriotic people especially the loyal readers of ‘Amar Desh’ have showerd me with their boundless adoration. I do not have the capability to repay their love. With trust in Allah and the love of my country folk, I will fight for the truth InshAllah until the last drop of blood is left in my body. If I die in this fight against the internal and foreign opportunistic powers, please pray for my magfirat (forgiveness) from Allah. This is my only appeal to you. Allahu Akbar!

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook Group