Sonar Bangladesh Blog Editor Disappears


The Bangladesh newspaper, Daily Naya Diganta, reports that the editor of Sonar Bangladesh, an opposition blog which was shut down following demands by Shahbag protesters, has now been missing for days without a trace. Police arrested the editor following the closure of the site. Although the law states arrested individuals must be produced before court within 24 hours, this editor has not been heard of since. His wife is now concerned for his life. Forced disappearance at the hands of the police is a worryingly increasing occurance in Bangladesh. Other examples include the opposition MP Elyas Ali and ICT defence witness and victim of 1971, Shukho Ranjan Bali. Both Ali and Bali have not been seen for months and are now presumed dead. Those who do finally appear before court are frequently in a state of collapse, displaying clear signs of abuse and custodial torture.

Source: Daily Naya Diganta Facebook Page