Shun subversive acts, destructive politics, PM to Khaleda

PM Sheikh Hasina addressing the nation

PM Sheikh Hasina addressing the nation

Voicing her firm commitment to come out of the vicious cycle of bad politics, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday urged Khaleda Zia to shun subversive activities, killing people, hurling bombs and grenades and making arson attacks that only cause losses to lives and property.

“We want to come out of the vicious cycle of bad politics, we want to establish the politics which is for the country and the welfare of its people,” she said in her address to the nation.

The Prime Minister’s address, marking the first anniversary of the 10th general election held on January 5, 2014, was aired simultaneously by all TV channels and radio stations.

In her 25-minute speech, Hasina alleged that efforts are on to create again instability and anarchy in the country when Bangladesh has been on the highway of development with the united efforts of all.

“I’ll call upon the BNP chief to shun subversive activities, killing people, hurling bombs and grenades, making arson attacks and causing losses to lives and property,” she added.

The Prime Minister said it was politically wrong decision of Khaleda Zia for which she and her party are now out of parliament. “Whom do you blame? You’ve to blame yourself only!”

Urging her arch rival to return to the path of peace shunning that of destruction, Hasina said on the way Khaleda Zia was walking would not bring any welfare for people. “Instead, you’ll lose people’s trust and confidence further. People want security, peace and prosperity.”

Hasina advised the BNP chairperson to let the common people know what she wants to do for the socioeconomic development of the country’s people. “Rebuild your own party, only then you have some possibility in the future.”

The Prime Minister said the trial of war criminals — Rajakars and Albadars — who had committed genocide are going and their verdicts are in progress. ”Inshaallah, we’ll execute the trial verdicts of all the war criminals,”

Hasina alleged that the evil forces of darkness who do not believe in the existence of Bangladesh, do not want betterment of people are trying to spread the net of conspiracy in a bid to thwart the trial and save the war criminals.

Recalling the reign of terror unleashed by the BNP-Jamaat alliance to foil the January-5 election and also to save the war criminals, Hasina said the BNP-Jamaat cadres had set fire to hundreds of vehicles, vandalised thousands of vehicles, cut thousands of trees on both sides of the roads, killed 20 members of law enforcement agencies, including police-BGB-Ansar-Army and killed hundreds of innocent people.

“The BNP-Jamaat alliance had wanted to create anarchic situation in the country, they wanted to go to power through the backdoor destabilizing the country. But, the country’s people didn’t fall to their set trap of conspiracy,” she added.

Before the January-5 polls, Hasina said, her government had tried a lot to hold dialogue, even was ready to give all kinds of options to hold election under the constitution. “We’re even ready to form an election-time all-party Cabinet.”

She went on saying: ”There’s no provision of any unelected government in the constitution of Bangladesh. The only one demand of ours was to hold the polls within the constitution. We’re ready to give all kinds of options there, which was possible.”

Extending her heartfelt gratitude to the country’s people or reelecting the AL-led alliance government, Hasina said for this her government has been able to carry out efforts to complete the unfinished development programmes alongside having the opportunity to advance the country by taking newer development programmes.

“I’ll call upon all of you to uphold democracy by resisting together any kind of subversive and militant act in the coming days,” she added.

Terming the last one year as a successful one for Bangladesh, both at home and abroad, she said now people are in a better condition as the country is moving ahead.

The Prime Minister said 2014 was a glorious year in the history of the Bengali nation for ensuring overall development, maintaining the continuance of constitution and democracy and keeping the nation imbued with the spirit of Liberation War.

She said Bangladesh has emerged as a role model at the global stage over the last five years of the government’s previous tenure as well as the first one year of this tenure due to the successful implementation of the development plans.

Elaborately describing her government’s various achievements in various fields, including the economy, power and energy, communication, education, health, food security, agriculture, fisheries and livestock, social safety net, digitisation, women empowerment and good governance, Hasina said Bangladesh is now currently one of the five countries in terms of economic development in the world as it has attained 6.2 percent GDP growth rate on average.

After assuming office, the Prime Minister said, her government has strengthened the independent Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for which corruption registered a marked fall in the country.

Hasina also renewed her pledge to turn Bangladesh into a hunger- and poverty-free mid-income country by 2021 and a developed one by 2041.

Source: UNB