“Shoot on Sight,” suggests Attorney General Mahbub-e-Alam


Dhaka: Attorney General Advocate Mahbub-e-Alam suggested that law enforcers shoot on sight any “bombers” who would be found hurling petrol bombs on transport to control the current situation prevailing throughout the country. He also gave some suggestion to curb the ongoing violent movement.

He made the above comments on Wednesday afternoon at a meeting organized by the Awami League supported professional lawyer group, the Supreme Court Lawyers Samity, protesting the blockade cum strike at the Shahid Shafiur Rahman Hall. Organization chief, retired justice A.F.M. Mezbah Uddin Ahmed presided over the meeting. The Attorney General further said, “Everyday 50/60 trucks should bring raw materials/ vegetables from Chittagong and North Bengal to Dhaka, and while coming to Dhaka, armed Police and BGB should escort them. If necessary, the army should also help them. I suggest government to ask the security forces to shoot directly on those who would fling bombs (petrol bombs, cocktails, etc) on such trucks coming to capital.”

At the same time he also suggested that the government create a fund to help the burn victims.” Money should be contributed by the Members of Parliament and the ministers for the setting up of this fund. If asked, I shall donate 5 lakhs taka for this fund.

He further asked if BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was in sound health and mind frame, saying, “I want to know whether Khaleda Zia notices the burn victims who are dying because of the current movement. Is she not see all this? Are you in a healthy state of mind? Khaleda Zia’s son Arafat Rahman was a big crook. He used to steal money and send it abroad. I myself have brought all that laundered money back to Bangladesh.”

Mahbub-e- Alam further claimed that Khaleda Zia was not doing the movement for the people of the country but to safeguard her son. He also commented that all the plans of the current movement were being formulated from London.

Source: Amardesh