Shibir Student at Chittagong Medical College Attacked and Framed by Chattra League

chittagong medical college

Kafee is a member of Chattra Shibir. Last Sunday when he was leaving after his 4th year final examination at Chittagong Medical College, he was heavily beaten by 12/15 boys including his classmate Chattra League secretary Rashed, council GS Navid, Alim Saddam. They ripped up his clothes, snatched his bag and mobile then checked many contacts and sms.

Then they called Shibir secretary Nurul Islam with the mobile. Secretary guessed the matter and informed the principal of CMC. The principal immediately called police. When they came to the Principal’s office, the invaders told police to check Kafee’s bag and arrest him. When Police found nothing they told the police to recheck his bag and alleged that Kafee came to fight and there were weapons in his bag. This time police found a chopper.

Kafee swore that he just left the exam hall and there was nothing in his bag. After that the silent principal tactically handed Kafee and the secretary over to the police. While they all were leaving, the boys of Chattra League beat the secretary and tore up his shirt.

The invaders has beaten them. Kafee’s head and eyes are severely injured. One of the invaders tried to break his fingers but failed. He has been given first aid at home. Afterwards he asked his classmate to give back his phone but the classmates denied any seige.

In an earlier incident they beat him severely and tried to throw him off a four-store building. However some of his friends noticed it and rescued him. Previously he was also jailed for 2 to 3 months during the mass arrest against Chattra Shibir, organised by Chattra League.

Source: Amar Desh