Shibir member murdered in Chapai Nawabganj

Arif Chapai

Ariful Islam, a 17 year old member of Chattra Shibir from Rehaichor Fulkuri Islami Academy area in Chapai Nawabganj district has been brutally murdered by unknown assailants. The perpetrators butchered him, leaving several knife wounds and imprints on his body.
This incident happened at 9am in the morning on Thursday. The local police had discovered the body at about 11am that day and sent it to the nearby morgue.
The deceased Ariful Islam is the son of Ramjan Ali from the village of Rehaichor Hothatpara. He was a high school senior in Chapainawabganj City College.

Arif family Chapai
The police claimed that the murder took place due to internal conflict and clash among the Chattra Shibir members and that one of them had done the killing.
However the deceased’s family and Chattra Shibir stated that influential local hooligans and thugs had killed him while he was en route to his college for an exam.
Golam Mortuza, the Officer-in-Charge of Chapai Nawabganj police station claimed, “On his way to college, at about nine in the morning, he was ruthlessly attacked and murdered by anonymous attackers. The incident happened in a street opposite to City College and Fulkuri Islamic Academy. He was killed on account of an inside clash with the other members of Chattra Shibir and abrasions were evident on his neck, arms and legs.” He further added that investigation has been going on and the police are doing their best to apprehend the culprits.
Conversely, Shahidul Islam, the Publicity Secretary of Chattra Shibir (Chapai Nawabganj district) rebutted the claims of the Officer-in-Charge saying, “The government’s pet hoodlums and hooligans have killed Ariful in public, in broad day light. Ariful was a treasured member of Chattra Shibir. We demand justice for his murder.”
Ariful’s family further informed that Ariful, as per his routine, started off for his college to take an exam at his usual time. And while he was on his way, a group of about six or seven people came and brutally killed him.
Meanwhile, the scene of the crime was visited by a group to inspect it for evidence.

Source: RTNN