Shibir activists Shahidul Islam and Anisur Rahman latest victims of “crossfire”

Shahidul Islam and Anisur Rahman

A Shibir activitist who was earlier wounded from bullet injuries in Sirajgong died while under treatment on Monday early morning. He passed away after being admitted at around 12 o’clock to Sirajgong General Hospital with bullet wounds on Sunday at midnight. Meanwhile at Rajshahi the bullet ridden body of Shibir activist Shahidul Islam (26) was recovered by police of Shah Makhdum police station. The dead body of Shahidul Islam was recovered from Kristigonj area of Borobongram of the city at around 7 am Monday morning.

The deceased Anisur Rahman (18) of Sirajgong is the son of Jahangir Hossan of Goihatta-Parkola Uttarpara village of Ullapara sub district. He was a student of the 11th grade at Mowlana Bhashani Degree College and resided at Bhaibhai boarding house of Dhanbandhi area, Nobodippul of Sadar district. Doctor Faisal Ahmed of the emergency department and medical officer Nurul Islam from orthopedics department stated that Anisur Rahman had died due excessive blood loss.

Officer in charge of Sirajgong Sadar police station Habibul Islam said, after the execution of Kamruzzaman, Jamaat- Shibir had called hartal on Monday. In order to make it a success, a group of Shibir activists under the leadership of Anisur Rahman hurled two cocktail bombs on the Sadar police station on Sunday evening amidst the rain. After the attack, Hasibul alleged that police chased them and were able to capture Anisur Rahman. Later on, police arrested 5 more people and recovered 3 fresh cocktails from two other boarding houses of Nabodippul, including the Bhaibhai boarding house, on the basis of his information. After that, a plan to conduct raids at Ekdala and Goila areas, which are beside the city protection barrage, was made on the basis of their information.

Around 12:15 pm, while conducting their drive with Anisur in police custody, police alleged that Shibir activists fired several rounds of bullets towards the police while they were at the city protection barrage area. Police promptly retaliated and fired back. In the meantime Anis was “wounded” by the bullets “fired by his cohorts”. Anis was quickly admitted to the hospital, where he died under treatment.

Shahinur Alam, the district Jamaat Ameer, claimed that Anis had in fact died from being fired upon by police.

Bullet ridden body of Shibir activist recovered at Rajshahi

At Rajshahi, the bullet ridden dead body of Shibir activist Shahidul Islam (26), was recovered by police from Shah Makhdum police station in the city. Later the dead body of Anisur was sent to Rajshahi Medical College (RAMEC) Hospital morgue for autopsy by police.

Deceased Shibir activist Shahidul Islam is son of Jalal Uddin from Varalipara area under Shah Makhdum station. He was a security guard of Islami Bank Medical College Hospital located at Noudapara of the city. Family members said that Shahidul had initially gone into hiding outside Rajshahi following previous threats of arrest followed by crossfire from the police, but had been forced to join work back at the hospital on threats of being relieved of his salary and meager job by hospital officials.

Mizanur Rahman, the officer in charge of Shah Makhdum police station of the city confirmed the recovery of his dead body to Naya Diganta.

Meanwhile, in a statement send to media by Chhatra Shibir Rajshahi division on Sunday evening, Rajshahi City Secretary Abdullah Zubayer and organizational secretary Ismail Hossain claimed that Shibir activist Shahidul Islam was arrested from Islami Bank Medical College Hospital of Noadapara by plain clothed men who had claimed themselves to be from the Detective Branch of police on Saturday midnight at around 2:00 o’clock.

On the following day i.e. on Sunday, Shibir released the above statement since Shahidul had not being produced at court. In response, the police denied his arrest. Rajshahi city police spokesman and city detective branch commissioner (A.C.) Ifte Khair, in response to the statement, denied the allegations on Sunday and said that no activist named Shahidul Islam had been arrested by his department.

The funeral prayers for Shahidul Islam were attended by hundreds of people, who had turned up to pay final respects to the deceased, despite a heavy presence of security forces.

Source: Naya Diganta