Shibir activist Jobayer, another victim of political killing

On Monday night, the night of 13th of January 2015, Mohammad Zobaer (18), son of Mohammad Younus, and an activist (worker) of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, was returning from attending a mehfil (religious congregation) on the occasion of Siraat-un-nabi (term referring to the legacy and life of the Prophet S.A.W), at Chunti Union, Lohagara sub district, Chittagong South district, when he was abducted by assailants, subject to brutal torture and then killed.

His lifeless body was found next morning at Chunti bazaar of Lohagara upazila, beside a fence store in the bazaar. His body bore deep black and blue marks, especially at the regions of his chest, neck and face, indications of inflictions of inhuman torture till death.


Not surprisingly, in an effort reminiscent of a reign of terror and extrajudicial killings prevalent in the country, the police had a different account to tell. According to police, at around 4am on 14th January, Shibir activist Jubayer, a resident of Chunti area of Lohagara upazila, was killed when a truck ran over him and his two associates while they were trying to stop and torch the truck on the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Highway.

Police said they had found Jubayer’s body but the other two had been taken away by their families and were secretly being given treatment. They were at a loss however, to explain why the truck had supposedly failed to flatten the body of the victim or why it had managed to leave him whole. They were also at a terrible loss to explain the apparent black and blue torture marks on the deceased activist.

Even less surprisingly, major media (Dhaka Tribune, BD Chronicle, Banglamail, Banglanews, Financial Express) picked up the police version of the news, broadcasting their own concocted stories about how a nasty Jobayer was run over by a justice meting truck, each competing with each other in the scale of the grand fallacy that it was ultimately shaped into.

With a strong demand for justice and an investigation into an apparent instance of political killing, we ask Allah S.W.T to grant Jobayer the status of a shaheed.

Source: TalukderShaheb’s blogspot