Sheikh Mujib decided against war crimes trial

Summary Translation:

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, father of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, had said the following on the issue of trial for war criminals: “Bangladesh is a small country and there are a few things which we can take pride on, since in our country we don’t have any tribes. We are all the same; we come from the same ethnicity and the same background as a middle class agriculture based family. Most of us are Muslims, but we don’t differentiate the Sunnis and Shias within us. There is Hindu minority amongst us but yet we all live in communal harmony. Now in this country, I can try the war criminals in a trial and hang them all but at what cost? There will be fights amongst us which will lead our nation to be divided forever, putting any chances of our national reconciliation at stake.”

Source: Channel i Tritio Matra