Shah Abul Hannan: Bangladesh is becoming hell, stop remand and torture


By Shah Abdul Hannan

Babunagari in ICU: Why this regular torture in custody, why Law Ministry and Home Ministry silent?

New Nation has reported that a rumour was spread from Wednesday noon that secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam Maulana Junaid Babunagari died at a hospital in the city under police custody.

The rumour was spread through facebook and other social networks, as the Hefazat spokesperson has been undergoing treatment at BIRDEM Hospital in the city in a dangerous condition. He is now in ICU in the hospital. In this situation, Babunagari was released on bail yesterday afternoon after a Dhaka court granted his bail in three cases filed in connection with May 5 violence in the capital.

Police arrested Babunagari on May 6. He was taken on 22-day remand. He was tortured physically and mentally during the remand and forced into risk of death in a planned way, alleged Hefazat leaders.

Babunagari in BIRDEM Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Babunagari in BIRDEM Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Addressing a doa mahfil (supplication gathering) in the city, arranged for early recovery of the victim, leaders of the Dhaka city unit of the platform said the government can’t avoid its responsibility by arranging unsolicited bail of Babunagari, as it pressured lawyers for bail petitions. Earlier, bail petition was filed, but the government did not heed to it. When the leader was forced into dangerous condition, at that time the government pressured lawyers, they said. When asked, Advocate Sanaullah Miah, counsel of Babunagari, expressed his inability to tell anything about the matter. But he said that the bail was granted considering the serious health conditions of Babunagari. The Hefazat leaders said that the government would bear all the responsibility if anything happens in the fate of Babunagari. They urged all to pray for his early recovery. Maulana Noor Hossain Quashemi, Maulana Abdur Rab Yusufi, Maulana Jafrullah Khan and others attended the programme.

We have repeatedly said that torture must stop in police custody or in whoever’s custody the detained people are. Allama Junaid Babunagari is not a small man, he is a major Alim (scholar) of the country. Normally Alims are dealt with respect but we are seeing a different picture now. We are also seeing relentless one-sided propaganda against Hefazat-e-Islam Alims after two independent channels have been closed. These channels are now closed for about a month. They have replied to the show cause notice and the decision in such vital matter can be taken in one hour but party politics is over riding everything.

We say again torture in custody must stop for all, long remands should stop, re-arrest at jail gates must stop. These re-arrests at jail gates do not always have formal approval of higher officials. Police take them to police station, ask for money, otherwise they give new case and send them again to court.

Bangladesh is becoming hell. Some great men must change all these.