Severe vandalism of Jamaat Leaders’ homes in Chapai Nawabganj by security forces

chapai nawabganj

Allegations have been made that Jamaat leaders’ houses and properties at Gomostapur of Chapai Nawabganj district have been ruthlessly vandalised in the name of raids to arrest criminals. The victim family members informed that the combined force conducted this act of vandalism in the early morning of last Thursday.

It has been informed that some unidentified people hurled petrol bombs at a potato laden truck in Kathal Nimtoli point of Rahanpur-Kansat highway. The attack was commenced on Wednesday at around 11:15pm local time. Three people suffered burn injuries including the driver of the truck. Police arrested seven people on suspicion immediately after that incident.

The combined force launched their raid in that area on the following night. As a part of that operation, the law enforcers raided residences of at least 25-30 leaders and workers of the local Jamaat –e- Islami including emir of Gomostapur sub-district branch of Jamaat and vice chairman of the sub-district Tajer Hossain, emir of Rahanpur municipality branch of Jamaat Mijanur Rahman, Jamaat activist Akbar Ali and lecturer Mukhlesur Rahman. During the raid, the law enforcers ruthlessly vandalised their houses, furniture and all kinds of properties.

Tajer Hossain’s wife Monowara Begum alleged that the law enforcers seized her husband’s academic certificates and a file of other important documents during the raid. Local people also alleged that properties are being destroyed and valuable goods such as ornaments are being looted in the name of these raids.

Similar kinds of raids were operated on Wednesday night as well. That time at least 50 houses were destroyed in Muslimpur, Dhobra, Chakpara, Koilabari and Mubarakpur unions. Residences of Professor Tojammel Huq, assistant secretary of Shahbazpur union Jamaat and Professor Abdul Mannan, chairman of Workers Welfare Federation of Shibganj sub-district have been vandalised.

In the next morning, the combined force launched similar kinds of destructive raids at Gomostapur sub-district. However, the law enforcers claimed that some unidentified miscreants have attacked and destroyed those houses to put the blame on the law enforcers.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Shibganj sub-district Professor Maolana Keramot Ali criticised the combined force for their raids and said that the combined force has threatened the lives of people of this locality by their destructive raid of 15th January.

He added that it is the responsibility of the administration to protect lives and properties of the common people. But far from doing so, it has been oppressing its own people which cannot be continued in any democratic and civilised country.

Keramot Ali appealed to the government to stop this kind of activity.

Source: RTNN