Seven Die as Police and Chatro League Attack Hathajari, Chittagong

hefazat attacked

In Hathajari, Chittagong, 7 people died by a combined police and Chatro League attack. Just after Hefazat’s leader Allama Ahmad Shafi was arrested by police in Lalbagh, Dhaka, a huge army of police and RAB surrounded Hathajari Madrasah. In the last two days, while removing the barricade by Hefazat-e-Islam in Chittagong-Rangamati and Chittagong-Khagrachori, the combined Police and Chatro-League force shot 50 Hefazot supporters and civillians.

Our Hathajari journalist informed that students residing in the halls of Hathajari Madrasa were locked in from outside. Shots were indiscriminately fired at the Hafazat’s supporters and the civilian Islamic supporters present in the seige. Around 50 people were shot in that collision.

However, the police claim that they were forced to shoot when Hefazat supporters attacked the police station. The injured Hafazat supporters were taken to Hathazari city hospital, Tahreem Hospital and Hathazari Modern Hospital. A few of them were also admitted to Chittagong Medical Hospital.

Among the injured, seven passed away. Their ages ranged from 17 to 40. Prior to this, Chatro League leaders attacked Hefazat supporters in Chittagong-Kaptai road. 10 were injured in this incident.

On the other hand, the Hathajari Madrasa students were locked in until this report was written. In the presence of Police, Chato League leaders fired indiscriminately. Political unrest is prevailing in entire Hathajari. A lot of the roads have become desolate.


Article source: Naya Diganta

Image source: Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune